Sunday, May 5, 2013

Revenge of the Fifth

Yesterday was so much fun! Another great Hop by Bento Bloggers and Friends if you missed it check it out here.

Revenge of the Fifth
 Revenge of Blogger too...I can't seem to rotate this pic sorry for the kink in your neck.

In this lunch :
  • X-wing fighter against the fully operational Death Star - Peanut butter and jelly, Star Wars light saber picks, Cheerios asteroid belt
  • Carrots with Darth Vader himself
  • Han Solo in carbonite - frozen vanilla pudding on top of watermelon
May the Schwartz be with You 

Again sorry about the orientation.

In this lunch :
  • Pizza the Hut - leftover cheese pizza, nori eyes, choking on a carrot
  • Captain Lone Starr in carbonite - frozen pudding
  • Cheerio asteroid belt
  • Trooper on carrots
  • Yogurt - pear with nori face
We've visited the dark side before...a prequel if you will.
Tie Fighter with Storm Trooper - click for post

Death Star with Storm Trooper - click for post

AT-AT  -click for post
 Enjoy the rest of your weekend no matter which side of the force you end up on.


  1. Pizza the Hut...YOU ARE AWESOME. That is all!

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