Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Despicable Me 2

We cannot wait to go see Despicable Me 2 when it comes out this summer. The DVD of the first Despicable me has been on repeat in the van for awhile now. So for today both kids got a little taste of our favorite characters.

Gru and Crew 

In this lunch :
  • Gru - Turkey sandwich on bread thins, provolone scarf, candy eyes, carrots, and provolone letters, food coloring and Americolor markers
  • Ba Ba Ba Banana (you're welcome for that being stuck in your head) - Banana
  • Minion - Tastykakes Dreamie (AKA Twinkie), fruit leather goggles with candy eye and a little candy melts to hold it in place, chocolate sprinkles for hair, food coloring
Small army of minions and the girls 

In this lunch : Look what I learned from my BBFs muffin tins make great toddler meals when you stay home. A group of bloggers link up muffin tin meals every Monday they are so cute. Check out Muffin Tin Mondays over at Another Lunch.
  • Ba Ba Ba Banana...Minion? Banana colored with Americolor food markers
  • Minion cake - TastyKakes Dreamie (AKA Twinkie) with chocolate sprinkles, frui leather goggles and candy eye, a little chocolate melts for glue, food coloring
  • Carrots
  • Minion sammies - Peanut butter and jelly, food coloring, fruit leather goggles, and candy eyes
  • The girls lower right section
    • Margo - Fruit leather ponytail 
    • Edith - Peanut butter and jelly striped hat
    • Agnes - Top pony tail fruit leather
    • A roll of turkey for filler because he won't eat cheese

 Just 2 more weeks of school and between buying his lunch once a week and the 2 half days plus Memorial Day off not many school lunches left. Woohoo! Oh I mean ;) onto summer picnic food soon, yea that's what I meant. :)

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks :) I'm happy someone still makes them.

  2. LOVE Despicable Me and LOVE LOVE LOVE your lunches, Eileen!! :)

  3. I love how you decorated the twinkie!

  4. No way is that your First Muffin Tin Meal?! It's awesome!

  5. Thank you! I'm going to start following these and jump on the themes and actually make it on a Monday next time :)Yup 1st time ever. I've been watching a few in my bento group and they look so cute but knew I had to wait for a stay at home day as I don't have one with a lid. We're learning all kinds of fun stuff it's out first year doing bento lunches , learning how to make characters and just about anything out of our food. Fun stuff.

  6. This is so cute!!! My daughter is looking over my shoulder screaming make me this lunch :-D

  7. How cute! I do themed alphabet movie weeks for my kidlets and have been wanting to do 'U is for Unicorn - Despicable Me' all year! It's next on my list, but we took a couple months off due to a big out-of-state move. We should be in our new home soon if all goes well & then I can start back up (:

    Feel free to check out some of my previous lunches - http://www.lifeisfantasmic.blogspot.com

  8. What a fantastic bento, especially Gru. He really looks similar with the real one :)

    1. Thanks we are big fans :) The DM2 was so cute.