Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween week!!

It's finally here! Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. You can be anyone or anything you want. I know some have issues with the historical and religious roots of the holiday, or the unheathy overload of candy. But this is the one holiday that is pure in my eyes. Dress up, trick or treat, give back by setting out candy for your neighbors. When else do you ever greet all of your neighbors from one end to the other of your neighborhood? some people adore thanksgiving, some Christmas, for me it has always been all about Halloween.

Ok back to lunches, it was getting challenging after doing a whole month of halloween themed lunches, but we came up with a few more.

Monday - Oh yes we went there...Green Monkey requested Angry birds so he got a ham and monterrey cheese angry bird sandwich, pretzel at string cheese sling shot, American cheese yellow bird, and a babybel pig hiding in the cucumbers. Normally I only make his lunch on M/W and me and little blue eat leftovers or eat out, but we had a packed schedule of preschool and a nursing home fashion show to hand out candy to the residents. So he wanted the angry bird pigs so I used our spinach and herb tortillas, ham and cheese and hid them in their pretzel fortress.

Tuesday - Mummy love you lunches. Mummy dogs made with crescent rolls and American cheese, pretzel coffin, caramel apple slices, and carrots to balance out the candy corn. Both monkeys loved these little mummys and we finished off the crescent rolls at dinner tonight.

Wednesday - BOO! Double, double toils and trouble, fires burn and cauldrons bubble. Sent green monkey off with a monster spider PB&J on string cheese web, added a jelly bean to cantaloup for a pumpkin patch, and Jack Skeleton babybel on his salad. After school he drew and carved a new pumpkin since our first 2 have gone soft before the big day. he drew it all by himself I just colored it in. He stuck in some leftover face pieces from last years kits, an I carved out enough outline for it to light up. Then it was off to trick or treat with friends. I made Superman's costume and Lex Luthor was a suit we found at a resale shop. scrap fabric ascot, and glow stick kryptonite. It was pretty fun to see what he would look like bald and what the little one would look like as a brunette.

Thursday - The morning after, everyone is tired today. But school waits for no mind so I sent them off with Star Wars to use the force to learn. I made both at the same time, and then let them pick who was getting which lunch. Green monkey chose the Death Star PB&J with storm trooper babybel cheese, and little blue monkey loved his tie fighter PB&J and storm trooper babybel. You can tell I was tired while cutting the fruit leather, but hey for a 3 and 5 yo they thought it was awesome :)

Today also began our countdown to Thanksgiving. Each day we think of something to be thankful for. Mine was - I woke up, I'm breathing, I'm alive! I'm pretty sure theirs was candy.


  1. Oh my do I love the angry bird lunches!! My boys would flip for those. And your kids look adorable in their costumes. :)

    1. Thanks! My boys loved them, I hope yours do too. :)

  2. Very cute! The Babybel Jack Skeleton is brilliant. :)