Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time for 2 of course I do

Well yesterday was so fun! Nah it was the Monday after spring break crazy, crabby, exhausting. Today slightly less chaos but still exhausted. I know I say it a lot but 6am i not meant to be seen by human eyes...at least not mine. So today I made breakfast first, woke the green monkey, blue was snuggled on the couch with his "juice and a show" and had been for about an hour...that kid never sleeps! So extra groggy I trudge to the kitchen, no idea what I'm making for lunches...and timing it to see what my worst case scenario time would be. Tired, 2 lunches, 2 kids up and hungry, no idea what I'm making, and I added simple art to up the 15 min challenge. Now they aren't the most stellar bentos ever, but they got eaten, which is why I do this in the first place :). Today was 12 minutes start to finish, you can add 2 more minutes for putting stuff away and packing backpacks. By 6:30 I was making my own breakfast and green monkey was dressed and watching TV.

Start 6:18am finish 6:29am
 Eggcelent choice Green monkey

In this lunch :
  • Peanut butter and jelly Easter egg
  • Striped egg had Annie's graham bunnies
  • Green egg had small chocolate bunny
  • Cucumbers
  • Strawberries
Have hoppy day blue monkey

 In this lunch :
  • Peanut butter and jelly bunny
  • Stripped egg has Annie's graham bunnies
  • Blue egg has a small chocolate bunny
  • Cucumbers
  • Strawberries
Sugar-free Jello Fluff Dessert

So the low-carb lifestyle is awesome, improves your energy, lowers body fat, and helps to control your insulin. I am pre-diabetic with a crazy sweet tooth, evil right? I do really good on all the major food groups until it comes to dessert. Especially around holidays when everyone else can eat with abandon and not need to sleep for 3 hours. So that's where this concoction came from, green goodness, and yes my portion is a bit more than I should have but it's an endulgence.

Recipe (If you can call it that seriously that easy)
  • 1 box sugar-free jello any flavor (I used lime for St. Patrick's Day)
    • 1 cup boiling water
    • Stir in jello
    • 1 cup cold water
    • Chill for 4 hours or until set time will vary based on the depth of container used, I wanted thin so I used a 6-cup pyrex dish
  • 1 box sugar-free jello pudding any flavor (I used pistachio again for greeness)
  • 1 16oz carton of heavy whipping cream
    • Whip cream until fluffy
    • Add pudding mix whip some more it will get thick fast if using a electric mixer
    • Chill until jello is ready
    • Spread on top
  • I cut into 6 portions but you can create your own based on nutritional values

Obviously this is high in fat using heavy whipping cream, but it's dessert so pick your battles. Low-carbers tend to eat higher fat ratios as the body will burn fat for fuel when carbohydrates are not available. I'm not a health coach or dietician, but 150 years and science...just sayin' its an option. You can of course cut the portion size to 8 and lower those counts as well. My green monkey devoured it! As you can imagine a lot of the substitute "cheats" taste like substitutes, this however is amazing and takes some will power not to eat the whole thing in one sitting. I can imagine all kinds of flavor combinations too.


  1. I'm impressed!! These are cute, healthy and SUPER FAST! Thank you for linking to 15 Minute Fridays!

  2. Amazing you did two bentos so fast! Awesome!