Thursday, May 30, 2013

Monsters University

Continuing our summer movie preview guide...AKA movies we can't wait to go see when they come out. We really loved the original Monsters Inc. and cannot wait to see what the collegiate versions have in store for us. All of our favorite monsters are back and funnier than ever.

Sulley and Mike

In this lunch :
  • Sulley -
    • Jelly toast 
    • Mascarpone cheese tinted blue for fur fluffed with a toothpick (Thanks Lunchbox Dad)
    • Candy eyes
    • Nose - strawberry (darkened with food coloring)
    • Mouth - Fruit leather and mascarpone teeth
    • Horns - bugles (Colored), on top of Monsters Cheese-its
  • Mike - Cucumber, provolone, sugar snap pea (horns and arms), wet veggie smears food coloring
  • Watermelon M and U and M and U college pennants
  • Monsters gummy snacks (Not pictured...oops see below)
Randall and Mike

In this lunch :
  • Randall - Jelly sandwich, fruit leather and candy eye glasses, provolone mouth, colored with food coloring, on top of Monsters University Cheese-it crackers
  • Mike - Cucumber, provolone eye, sugar snap pea arms and horns
  • M and U Watermelon, watermelon M and U college pennants
  • Monsters University fruit snacks
Of course Mike was the first Monster we ever did way back in October. To see that post click here or on the picture.
 Mike and Boo 

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  1. Your Sulley is very cute! Such fun lunches!

  2. These are fantastic! We can't wait to see the new movie either!

    1. Thanks! Randall turned out darker than I wanted but I was just smearing the red and blue food coloring in a plate not using m markers so...

  3. How awesome! They look so detailed, great job! Here's the Monsters Inc lunch we had...

    1. Thanks! Yours are so cute too thanks for sharing them :)