Dave the Minion Elf Chronicles

As we enter our 3rd year with our Minion Elf Dave I thought it would be nice to give him his own page on our blog. This Year I will do weekly updates of his shenanigans. But let's begin with a round-up from 2011 and 2012.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

2012 - Dave An Unexpected Elf Journey 

Star Wars light saber fight over the lego advent calendar, Reading Christmas stories, Even elves poop..this one leaves candy canes, Diary of his journeys, Bubble wrap supper slide, Paper mache snow globe, Star Wars snowflakes and fake snow sledding, Self portrait. For detail click here Part 1,

Nerf gun fight, M&M message Doctor Who Weeping Angels, Candyland with real candy, Underwear hot air balloon ride, The Polar Express, Class gift helper driving boot centerpiece and reindeer jars, hiding in their stocking, sleeping in bed since kid was on a couch. For more details click here Part 2,

Making Christmas waffles and green milk, Got locked out delivering Christmas Pjs from the north pole, Drawing mustaches on pictures, Hiding in cereal box after making himself a part of their lunch, Arriving in his own TARDIS dressed as Doctor Who, Home sick, Tied up in Christmas lights, Movie night. For more  details click here  Part 3,

Cotton ball bubble bath, Sorting legos, Crafting more class gifts, Rock star, Q-tip snowflakes, Gulliver's travels tied up by legos when his tinker toy plane crashed, Streamers and good-bye letter. For more details click here  Part 4, Part 5,

Dave After Dark Edition - Elf gone bad...not for the kids. Taking baby on a date, nasty M&M message, Getting caught doing snow, taking baby on a hot tub date. For more details click here  After Dark

2013 Dave the Minion Elf on the Shelf
He's back for his 3rd year, will the monkeys be naughty or nice now that he's back in town.

Day 1 - Dave found their Santa wish lists and advent calendar and brought them each a little welcome back present...of course he made a bit of a mess climbing the bookcase to get their lego advent calendar down.

Day 2 - Dave made green pancakes, and left the mess of course. Though not well received, green monkey wanted cereal, blue monkey said they were ruined because they were green but at least tried 1 bite before turning his nose up.

Day 3  - Despite the monkeys turning their noses up at his pancakes he brought them chocolate candy canes under the tree the next day. I guess karma works because the big kid has had green pancakes for 2 mornings now.

Day 4 - Dave got into the legos and made a holiday Creeper and Steve, the monkeys were so impressed to see their favorite Minecraft characters.

Day 5 - Shoot out at the OK coral...or our hallway. Dave defending his turf against an army of Skylanders. The monkeys took Dave's side and joined him in epic nerf battle.

Day 6 - Dave didn't understand why his good friend St. Nicholas told him to deliver shoe presents...but he is just the messenger. So dressed as a snowman he wrapped their shoes and left snowman kits.

Day 7 - Dave had a little help from his friend Princess Seven delivering some cool gifts from Santa. Stockings and elf hats with Star Wars pez, Angry birds stickers, sun catchers, and Doctor Who Sonic screwdrivers.

Day 8 - Dave has been upgraded into a cyberman, can the Doctor save him with Churchill and 2 sonic screwdrivers, and watch out for that Dalek!

Day 9 - To be a Viking you must study the vikings.

Day 10 - That's right ladies...Dave works out. After a few curls he hits the big weights, candy cane barbell with 4 jumbo marshmallows.

Day 11 - Dave brought puzzles for the monkeys...but he couldn't wait until morning to start playing.

 Day 12 - Oh my the kids left a huge mess....Dave will try and lend a hand cleaning up.

Day 13 - The Sing-Off in tonight's competition Dave leads his acapella group Simply Despicable singing Bee-Doh. But competition is fierce so they go to the duel sing-off match and win with their favorite song ba-ba-ba-bana-na-na. 

Day 14 - The Walking Dead. Dave stopped in for a cup of milk...but he got attacked and infected. The baby wandered in for a late night sip of water and got more than she bargained for. Can Sheriff Woody out run the zombie horde?

 Day 15 - Dave slept in. It took the kids until supper to find him in my room.

 Day 16 - Dave brought the family a new movie, however did he decide on this one?

Day 17 - Dave brought some new games to keep them busy. Apparently the O's are the one ring to rule them all as well. 1st grader wore it to school.

Day 18 - Training for the zombie apocalypse.

Day 19 - Glow party! Glow bracelets taped to the ceiling fan with Dave hanging from ribbons.

Day 20 - Packed for Christmas vacation, someone doesn't want to be left behind.

Day 21 - Road tripping, loaded sleepy kids into the van and Dave had crawled out of the luggage and found his place. And he moved to the DVD player while they slept in the car...now that freaked them out a bit since I too was asleep ;).

 Day 22 - Dave went fishing and caught a whopper. Grandpa's prize fish above the fire place, also dressed for the season.

Day 23 - The Polar Express...or the Trail of Lights depending on who you ask. Either way he had a fun time with our 30+ year old toys circling the little Christmas tree.
 Day 24 - M&Ms message and farewell note heading back to the North Pole.

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