Thursday, January 31, 2013

Diary of Stink Dog - By Elaine M Phillips

 Diary of Stink Dog

Diary of Stink Dog

by Elaine M Phillips


Follow along with Stink Dog, as he discovers why he is so different than his eleven litter-mates. Is Stink really half-poodle and half-pig? Discover the explosive truth about Stink Dog! Stink also uncovers his own top secret abilities! Has Stink discovered the truth about green energy?  Guaranteed to jump start your smell detectors! Created to attract new readers to the magical world of imagination and creative learning. Great for all ages. Guaranteed to burst into laughter! Fun for the whole family. Beware of sudden explosive giggling to follow!!

While hunkered down waiting out Green Monkey's Flu B quarantine, we sat together and read this hilarious book.  It's a quirky adventure of one mighty stinky dog. As you can imagine anything that centers around fart jokes is going to be a hit with 2 little boys. Not to gender-bias this at all, since all children will be giggling as he learns to use his special gifts. In a round about way he learns that just being himself is pretty special. Perhaps he can even solve the world's energy problem.

My monkeys giggled through every sound effect as I read. Green monkey loved the illustrations of burp boy as they reminded him of Johnny Test. Blue monkey said it was funny that Stink dog tooted all the time. The book is 50 pages long with lots of illustrations, perfect for early readers in 1st or 2nd grade.

I tried to get a picture but sitting still when you've been cooped up indoors, well that's just asking too much of 2 little monkeys. So instead I made a lunch in tribute of Stink Dog in our new Yubo.

In this lunch
  • Jelly pig with candy eyes
  • Peanut butter Burp Boy
  • Nutella Stink dog
  • Green Grape stink
  • Pirates booty and natural chocolate candy "Soya beans"

Diary of Stink Dog is available both as an eBook and book at You can find more books by Elaine Phillips at and Or follow her on Facebook.



  1. Great lunch, watch out for those Soya beans!

    Stink Dog and Burp Boy:)

    1. Those were of course his favorite part when I asked how he liked his lunch ;)
      Thanks :)