Thursday, May 23, 2013

World Turtle Day

Today we are celebrating the 13th annual World Turtle Day. Since 2000 American Tortoise Rescue has been raising awareness on May 23rd to celebrate and protect turtles and tortoises.

So we played around with some of our favorite sealife and featured sea turtles in our veggies.

Finding Dori 

 This is our veggie ode to crush made from cucumber and broccoli

Dori, Ray, and Crush

In this lunch :
  • Ray and Dori are made from peanutbutter and jelly with candy eyes and food coloring hand painted (sorry no time for cheese art today) 
  • Pirates booty sand
  • Strawberry clams with marshmallow pearls on top of cherris
  • Crush - Cucumber slices and broccoli Florette
Tropical Dreams 

 Sandy beaches and palm trees yes we are ready for summer even without a beach in sight.
Another veggie turtle

In this lunch :
  • Pirates booty sand
  • Funbites peanut butter and jelly cubes on palm trees
  • Clam shell strawberry on cherries
  • Cucumber and broccoli turtle on carrots with Americolor marker used for the eyes
 We just did a turtle lunch last week using out CuteZCute cutter for the shell as well. See that post here. Am I turtle enough for the turtle club?

A fellow Bento Blogger and Friends  Lunchbox Dad recently posted a tutorial for his veggie turtles check it out.

Happy World Turtle Day!


  1. So creative, I love how you made the turtle out of broccoli and cucumber! Beautifully done Ray and Dori too!

    1. Thanks! Dori was an after thought from sandwich scraps :)

  2. So much turtle cuteness! Love them!