Junior Bentos

It doesn't happen too often but if my little monkeys help in the kitchen I try to get a quick pic. Please excuse any blurs or poor lighting but toddlers move fast and if you blink you missed it. Since we've stared making bentos Green monkey tries to help once in awhile too.

For International Talk Like A Pirate Day - He drew the map on the cheese, not bad for a 5yo.

Some days he makes his own lunch when we stay home. Like this when he drew another map, and little blue monkey had to follow in his foot steps.

Blue Monkey's map PB&J (3yo)

Green Monkey's map PB&J (5yo)

Needless to say they are always allowed to play with their food if it helps them actually eat something. And with sweet moments like "Look mom I make fun food like you" how could I ever say no.

Plus they see the world differently. It was my 3yo little blue monkey that decided the apple slicer looked like the Millennium Falcon cockpit.

I love their creativity, I love how they see the every day tools in the kitchen. Most of all I love that they will finally eat something!

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  1. I love the map, so cute - and the apple cutter Millenium Falcon is pure genius! Thanks for coming to my Bento Kids Link Party!