Sunday, May 26, 2013

Army of Daleks : The birthday party

Our little blue monkey was destined for geekiness. Beyond our genetic contributions, he was born on May the 4th, a geek holiday paying homage to Star Wars, which we also love, but that's not the theme this year.

I have mentioned that our monkeys are also little whovians. So when Green Monkey got a Doctor Who TARDIS themed party for his 6th birthday, naturally Blue Monkey wanted a Dalek theme for his 4th. The best part is we already had decorations so all we had to do was plan entertainment, food, and get him his own Dalek best friend. Yes he awoke to a Dalek bigger than him from ThinkGeek of course.

For the party we once again went with the gold stars and swirls from big brother's party and the Doctor Who faces taped to streamers, the front door got a Dalek To Victory poster this time around.

We repeated some activities too like "Who are You" mask station, great for impromptu games of freeze tag Weeping Angel style.
"Keep Calm and Color" printable coloring pages from BBC Fun and Games, also where we got the masks which we printed onto card stock and glued to craft sticks.

We had a painting craft station this time, "Skaro Faire" each kid could paint a wooden backpack buddy or toy. These are great little key chains kits you can find at Walmart or similar stores.

But the best was "Pin the Egg on the Dalek" game. We made it using a foil blanket from a race, black duct tape, pipe cleaners, and craft foam. Each kid had a foam circle with their name on it to try and get their dot in between the panels...of course everyone won candy anyway ;)

We also had a magician come perform for the kids, Peter the Adequate. He was hilarious young and old alike loved him.
 Our Dalek gift bags were made using colored paper bags, colored sticker dots, foam craft circle, pipe cleaners, sharpie marker and some glue.
Onto the food, since it was an afternoon party we went with finger foods/light snacks.
  • Fruit tray
  • Veggie tray
  • Meat and cheese cracker tray
  •  Pita chips and humus
  • Sontaran Corn dogs - little smokies in mini corn bread muffins with Americolor faces
  • Eggs Eggs Eggs Eggsterminte Deviled eggs
  • Jammy Dodgers - I was thrilled when our local grocery store carried these in the international aisle.

And of course there was cake! Since it's his golden birthday (4 on the 4th) we went with a gold Dalek. I made it using Hershey's Black Magic cake recipe, Swiss Meringue Butter Cream frosting, Dark Chocolate Ganache, Satin Ice Fondant, Chocolate chip cookies (Neck, baked pan style cookie then cut to size), old school candy dots (yes the kind that peel off paper), marshmallows, a cake ball, a gold gum ball, and gold spray from Wilton. The plunger and whisk were the only non-edible parts I found them at Party City and Make it Sweet bake shop.I am never happy with my cakes, even though they taste great and every year they get more elaborate. I am not a baker, or an artist, and what exists in my head is always above my skill set, but I try and the kids are happy. I promise to never become a professional baker :)

The cake ball Daleks were made from an oreo, a cake ball, chocolate melts, pretzels, candy eyes, and almond slivers. Like these from Exterminom. Everyone loved them, in fact I should have made more as we ran out.
We also made many many cupcakes as he goes to 2 different preschools. I fell in love with mascarpone cheese. I made strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream frosting and strawberry mascarpone filling and marshmallow Adipose on top.

For the second school we made Dalek strawberry cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting, candy sticks, and red jelly bean.

 We do love a good Doctor Who party. I just wonder who will win TARDIS or Dalek, the battle is still raging across the house. Either way both Monkeys have had a very happy Doctor Who birthday and it was fun trying to make each party unique.

If you missed his Dalek birthday cake sandwich for school you can find that post here.


  1. I love all you little cakes specially the adipose and a giant dalek what a great gift

    1. That's his new best friend, big brother got the TARDIS tent for his birthday so ya know, all things being equal...and who needs a dining room anyway?

  2. What a fantastic party!!! And I love your cake, it's brilliant! :D

  3. Great party! And I love those gift bags!

    1. Thanks :) Super easy which when you're doing 24 of anything is a good thing in my book.

  4. Looks like an amazing party! So many wonderful ideas!

  5. This is so cool! I love your Adipose cupcakes - very cute. I'm a May the Fourth baby, too - we had a Star Wars party this year! :)

    1. Thanks! I think its an awesome birth date so much fun! I bet your party was awesome. We've done a star wars lego birthday and my older son currently resides in the millennium falcon and sleeps on a speeder LOL

  6. Looks like an amazing party. Nicely done!