Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 3-6 lunches

Where did this year go? How is it December already?  Only how many shopping days left? Ugh shopping do I have to? I don't wanna. I much prefer playing with our food and elf. Here's what we made this week in lunches.

Monday - So usually I ask the monkeys what they want the night before around dinner time. Green Monkeys told me he wanted a kangaroo. No rhyme no reason just a kangaroo. SO I stare at my cookie cutter stash and tetris the shapes in my head, figure out a plan, then we get up and he says "No wait I want Jack Frost"....Really?...Really? ....Seriously? Sure bubs let me whip that right up. The Guardians (See I really can spell just not at 6am in a rush) Jack Frost Turkey and cheese. Yes I know I flipped the A and U while tossing the pretzels in last minute but I was rushing. On the upside he's in kindergarten and wouldn't be able to read that anyway, and they were all jumbled up when he opened it to eat it anyway, so no harm done to his developing I.Q. Santa strawberries with marshmallow and candy eyes. Babybel Tooth Fairy on salad.

Tuesday - Once again Green monkey asked for a Kangaroo (I'm really starting to wonder why he's obsessed with it)...but I have already thought it out so no worries....right? Uh uh morning alarms go off and he's up. After playing find the elf (his main reason for getting out of bed this month) he says he just wants a bagel for lunch. That's it?....You want a bagel?..Oh I'll give you a bagel....Festivus style HA! Sometimes mommys just need to work through their issues and so with that I air my grievances of indecision, he's lucky he's cute...For any non-Seinfeldian readers watch and enjoy Festivus as told by George Kastanza. So he got a warm bagel with jelly and butter, a pirouette pole, tree watermelons, and boulder cucumbers for feats of strength.

Blue monkey was much more fun he wanted Tthe Grinch, our elf had read it to his friends a few days before. Turkey and cheese in a spinach and herb tortilla, fruit leather hat, and holiday tortilla chips. Watermelon trees, and some carrots for his dog-reindeer.

Wednesday - Green monkey is still on his bagel kick so I decided to merry it up a bit. Rudolph jelly and butter bagel. Red grape nose, marshmallow eyes, fruit leather antlers, green grapes, and carrots for the reindeer food. Green monkey thought this was perfect since we had watched Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer the night before. See Festivus was a healing experience...right back to lunches :)

Thursday - Green monkey still wants bagels, and he wants another of those pirouette naturally it made me think of Flick from A Christmas Story which we've watched a few times in the last week. Jelly and butter bagel Flick, strawberry tongue, stuck to a pirouette pole, babybel nose and ears, marshmallow eyes, Fruit leather hat...and it needed support so I stuck a couple holiday tortilla chips under it. Tongue strawberries and veggie straw poles.

Blue monkey was busy watching Team Umizoomi as he does most mornings so I decided to make them for him today since I hadn't thought up his lunch yet. Millie, Geo and Bot turkey and cheese sandwiches with fruit leather and candy eyes. strawberries, and a fun cucumber shape puzzle each slice has a different shape cut out of the middle and set to the side.

This week was a good learning week. I figured out how to play with a bagel in 3 different lunches. I got faster at prep having to think on the fly in the morning. I learned not to spell before my morning coffee :) I hope you all had a great week too. Thanks for stopping by I appreciate all the follows and the comments.

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  1. Love the team umizoomi. My daughter would go crazy! If you have any lunches that use leftovers please stop by and link them up!
    Leftovers on Fridays

    1. Thanks! I would love too...just need to have leftovers to serve :) Maybe I'll just make mommy lunches out of leftovers. :)

  2. Wow! Impressive lunches! Your tongue stuck to a pole lunch is so creative!!

    1. Thanks :) it was my favorite this week.

  3. So many fun idea here. And sooo cute!