Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dave An Unexpected Elf Journey - Part 5

Holy cow 5 weeks of this little dude have flown by. Hard to imagine there only being a few days left before he heads back North for 11 months.

Day 22 -Dave had high aspirations of taking over for the big guy some day and rode our Stocking centerpiece as a sleigh and had the teacher reindeer gifts pull it across the table. Everyone has to start somewhere I guess.

Day 23 - Dave must have know that the boys wanted him for Christmas as he leapt into one of their stockings, big kid could not have been more excited it was his stocking Dave chose.

Day 24 - Since my kiddo decided to sleep on the couch, Dave decided to sleep in his bed, it is so soft and snuggly.

Day 25 -The life of a secret spy elf can be very exhausting, so Dave drew a little bubble bath in the boys bathroom sink to relax and pamper himself. I know Dave most days of watching these boys have me screaming for Calgon to take me away too.

Day 26 - An elf after my boys own hearts, caught staying up late playing in their legos.

Day 27 - Thank goodness for helping hands, it was a long night getting all the party favors together for 3 classes of kids. Elves really are good workers when they aren't being silly.

Day 28 - Dave is a one elf rock band! Play on little dude, but if you wake the kids you better run...I'm not joking. The boys loved this one and had fun joining his band in the morning.

Have you been keeping up with our little friend? Did you miss some of this thrilling saga? Here's some links back to previous weeks.

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