Friday, December 28, 2012

Dave An Unexpected Elf Journey - Finale

Day 29  - Dave hid out in the kitchen making Q-tip snowflakes... took the monkeys a long time to find him too.

Day 30 - Dave's Travels...after crashing his tinker toy plane the savage Legos have taken him hostage...

Day 31 - Merry Christmas! We hope you've enjoyed our elf Dave. We love him very much. before he left with Santa to go back to work in the toy shop until next Thanksgiving when we meet again, he left the monkeys a grand party and a farewell note.

So long Dave, thanks for all the laughs, tears, and messes and most of all.....spying on our kids to get them to behave for a month :)

To see his whole month of adventures here's the previous weeks:

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  1. Very cute. It's a lot of work, but so worth it, isn't it? The kids were sad to see our elf go as well. Happy New Year!