Monday, December 10, 2012

Dave - An Unexpected Elf Journey : Part 3

Day 12 - Dave decided to be reflective today, he started an elf diary of his adventures here with our monkeys. He also brought them new colored pens so they could record their adventures too.

Day 13 - Well an elf can only be good for so he made the biggest elf slide ever. 30ft of green bubble wrap stretched across the living room and down the hall.Sure does look like fun though so I can't blame him. The monkeys had a blast watching him go down and who doesn't love popping bubble wrap. (Giant roll at Walmart $5 comes in red or green)

Day 14 - Dave must be missing the cold of the North Pole while he's visiting here in Texas, he's made himself a snow globe!
  • Paper Mache - Snow flake tissue paper, Elmer's glue mixed with water (Modge podge), saran wrap for the window, covering a 12" balloon. Once dry and the balloon is popped and removed, insert elf through the window then reseal with clear packing tape. Fill with fake snow and voila! Now ideally I had envisioned this blowing around so I had a screen on the bottom but a box fan nor hair dryer got them moving so I taped it up and it was a shaker snowglobe, they had a blast with it.
Day 15 - After spending the day in his snow globe he wanted to expand his winter wonderland and made himself a sledding hill in the dining room under our Star Wars snow flakes from Matters of Grey.

Day 16 - Dave was admiring himself, and practiced drawing a self-portrait. He also brought the monkeys new markers. Green monkey took to them with a fierce passion he skecthed all day long and eventually had a picture of all of us and some of his favorite holiday figures.

 Stay tuned for the next 5 days of adventure coming soon! If you missed the Ultimate Elf Party you must stop by and see what the other crazy elves have been up to.

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