Friday, December 14, 2012

December 10-13 Lunches

Usually I only make lunches Monday-Thursday for school but we had a couple extras after last week's post.

Last Friday I threw together a fast PB&J lunch for Blue monkey as we like to go eat with Green monkey at school, and he gets to buy lunch if he's been good all week. So Blue monkey devours his food before green monkey's class even sits down. The lunch monitor walks by and sees Green monkey has a tray instead of his usual lunch box. Visibly bummed she turns and says "Aw I wanted to see what he had for lunch today, he always has the best lunches." Made my heart smile. I usually hear it's too much effort for a kids lunch type here's the fast lunch that took less than 10 minutes including clean up, packing, and running out the door. 2 cookie cutters, a few tic tacs, a gingerbread peep, and fresh fruit salad. There's a fabulous cookie cutter challenge linky party over at Zoe's Lunch Box which you should check out if you're looking for more ideas.

Sunday - I had a little fun with I didn't give our Elf credit this time :) but I did go for a hike with a friend to resist eating it. Inspired by Munchkin Munchies much fancier homemade cinnamon roll Christmas tree, I made a quick version using Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, sprinkles, powdered sugar, and invited some donut hole snowmen made with mini chocolate chips, a jelly bean and Yan yans.

Monday - Back to school lunches :) Today was a 3 parter we all needed a lunch, Green monkey for school, Blue monkey and I for our tree farm tour.Green monkey got a ham and cheese gingerbread house in honor of our family craft project this weekend. Gingerbread man peep, mini chessman cookies, red and green grapes, and cucumbers.
Blue monkey and I stuck with Christmas tree themes to reflect our field trip for the day. His is a PB&J tree with carrot ornaments and veggie straw garland and a cucumber star, Christmas tree peep, mini chessman cookies, carrots, and watermelon Christmas trees.
Mine is left over scraps from Green monkey's ham and cheese sandwich, with the other half of the spinach and herb tortilla leftover from the Grinch lunch, carrot ornaments, string cheese garland, and cucumber star. Spinach salad, the rest of the string cheese, cucumbers left over from making our stars, and Christmas tree watermelon. Waste not want not :)

Tuesday - Green Monkey wanted snowflakes so here's his turkey and cheese snowflake sandwich, mini chessman cookies, snow covered carrots, and a snowflake strawberry. I don't have a snowflake cutter so I improvised a flower shape.
Blue monkey wanted Santa...and who can blame him after going to 2 cookies with Santa events this weekend. PB&J Santa on the roof tops, krave cereal chimney, fruit leather suit accented with marshmallow. Mini chessman cookies, a Santa hat strawberry, and some carrots for his reindeer.

Wednesday- Once again I am excited to participate in a Bento Bloggers & Friends Hobbit Blog hop. This time we're awaiting the new Lord of the rings movie The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey.You must journey through these fabulous lunches straight from Middle Earth. Here's our banana banner, Ham and cheese hobbit hole with Bilbo Baggins waiting outside. A cucumber sword to keep him safe, and down below honeydew melon Gollum awaits in a fruit leather boat fishing for chocolate goldfish and protecting hsi banana laffy taffy precious ring.

Thursday - All aboard The Polar Express! Storybook day at Blue Monkey's school inspired these lunches.It's also one of their favorite movies and has been playing on repeat in the car for a little over a week now.
 Here's a closer view of the lunches. Turkey and cheese polar express train sandwich, ham and cheese ornament and ticket sandwiches, grapes with a cucumber present. Polar bear frosted animal crackers playing in the yogurt covered raisin snow in front of a Christmas tree peep. One ticket is the beginning of Believe the other is the beginning of Lead from the movie.

Today the BBFs posted week 2 of the Ho Ho Holiday Hop go hop through it there are some fantastic and inspiring lunches.

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  1. Thanks for linking up on the Cookie Cutter Challenge. Such a creative, fun lineup of lunches!