Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dave and Unexpected Elf Journey Part 4

Another few days of elfish behavior..gotta admit sometimes he just doesn't do much, even elves get lazy.

Day 17 - Dave was ready for the boys, perched up on the bookcase, armed with their Nerf gun. They were going to make the nice list or else...

Day 18 - Dave got into the M&Ms and left the kids a warning, the room is filled with weeping paper angels! Don't Blink! ( For non-whovians you could do Believe, or Be good, or whatever)

Day 19 -  Dave played Candyland with a few of his friends, and they played for real candy! Guard your Halloween stash kids.

Day 20 - Hot air balloon ride gone wrong. It was going so well in his undie basket until he got hung up on the front light fixture, poor Dave got all turned upside down.

Day 21 - All aboard! Dave took a ride on the Polar express. Guess he was jealous it was Christmas storybook and PJ day at Blue monkey's school so he snuggled up in his jammys and went for a ride to the North Pole.

Stay tuned for a glimpse of Dave after dark, elves behaving badly ;)...*Not for the kids* edition.

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