Monday, December 3, 2012

Dave - An Unexpected Elf Journey Part 2

I was going to post every 5 days but forgot yesterday so this is a bonus pack of 6 adventures with our Minion elf Dave. He has been naughty and nice...but then so are our 2 monkeys so he fits right in around here.

Day 6 - Aw our poor elf has fallen ill. Leave it to an elf to rest on a pillow of marshmallows and take 2 smarties for medicine. Get well soon Dave. He must have caught my head cold from Thanksgiving.

Day 7 - Dave tried to help us get the tree up...but had a little trouble with the lights. He stacked 4 chairs but got a little tangled hoisting the lights.

Deck the halls with...

        uh oh.......

              Oh Dave!

Day 8 - Movie night. Dave and his friends stayed up late watching A Christmas Story eating blue magic pop secret popcorn, and drinking sodas. It's not in 3-D so they must have been hopped up on the fizz. I must say I do love Dave's cup.

Day 9 - A light saber battle, Clone trooper Dave vs. Yoda who will win the Star Wars advent calendar and get to give it to the monkeys in the morning? The light sabers are Christmas glow stick necklaces from Target.

Day 10  - Bedtime stories : Dave reads How the Grinch Stole Christmas to his friends and brings new easy readers for the monkeys to enjoy.

Day 11 - Oh...excuse me...seems we've caught Dave taking care of business. Guess it's going to take a while too as he brought Green monkey's wish list notebook to read. The monkeys thought this was hilarious. Green monkey was so proud of himself for emptying and flushing Dave's potty. Apparently elf pee is green and smells like pop rocks and well then there's the candy canes ;)

Stay tuned who knows what this crazy elf will do next. Naughty or nice.....

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