Tuesday, October 1, 2013

F is for...

Ok back in black. Err on track? Monday! Wait that was way too enthusiastic..Monday. Ok deep breaths, coffee check...wine check. What? I meant for after the little darlings are tucked in bed. An adventurous weekend of rainy cub-o-ree camp out for Green monkey and a sick weekend for Blue monkey. I thought I was being all "mom-of-the-year" by grounding him (Blue) from the camp out for his behavior...and then he goes and gets sick, so sympathy weekend instead of behavior training, so be it. Poor Daddy and Green monkey had to endure all the rain for 3 days, and to think I was pouting I didn't get to go. So this week's lunches so far are just Green monkey's as little Blue is home sick.

F is for Frog, Frankenstein, the Force and Four Fun 
When in doubt, or at 6am, follow the alphabet

In this lunch : In Easy Lunch Box
  • Frog - Sunbutter and jelly using our CuteZCute cutter
  • Frankenstein - Babybel cheese molded in a cake pop mold
  • Fun and 4 - Trader Joe's schoolhouse cinnamon cookies
  • ELB Mini Dipper with ranch
  • Frog on carrot logs
  • Fancy apples - skewered on a light saber, or diagonally peeled