Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spookylicous fun

I know, I know we have 3 more weeks until Halloween, 21 days, but who's counting. We love Halloween themes, I'll try to mix-it up some this month but let's face it there will be a lot of spooky fun things to eat.


In this lunch : In Easy Lunch Box
  • Frankenstein - Sunbutter and jelly sandwich using our new 3-D cookie cutter
  • Edamame
  • Test tube - Turkey roll
  • R.I.P. - Carrot chips and strawberry
  • Skull - Grapes and strawberry

In this lunch : In Easy Lunch Box
  • Witch - Turkey sandwich, gummy eyes, carrot hair, hat pick
  • Ghost Peep
  • Grapes and a strawberry with a ghost pick
 Frankenstein Cyberman 
*Aside - Every holiday my boy finds a way to work Doctor Who into the more traditional characters. So after the Frankenstein on Monday he wanted to turn it into a cyberman.
 In this lunch : In Easy Lunch Box
  • Frankenstein - Cyberman - Turkey and cheese sandwich, carrot arms, 
  • Ghost peep
  • Cemetery - Grapes and Strawberry
 All of these were very fast and simple to put together, and that's good since I made them in the morning as opposed to my usual night before packing.

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