Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Eerily Fun Food Begins

October is here, the neighbors are putting out decorations already, my birthday is around the corner, and that means Halloween is coming! My favorite holiday of the year. I love the costumes, candy, and especially horror films. So my kids of course pick up on this and start requesting Halloween themed lunches, not every lunch of course, but a lot. Today's is a simple sandwich cutter but he loved it, and I also put a spooky twist on some coconut macaroons from Immaculate Baking too.


In this lunch : In our Easy Lunch Box
  • Bats - Ham and Cheese sandwich
  • Boarder - carrots
  • Eyeball  - New Coconut macaroons from Immaculate Baking, with a candy eye. 
  • Black grapes with Bat pick
The pre-made coconut cookie dough made these eyes fast and fun. Each package has 12 pre-cut jumbo cookies, you could flatten them but I had eyes in mind so I left them as is. Once golden brown I pulled them out and pressed a candy eye into each one before it cooled completely. So yummy!