Monday, October 14, 2013

Momma has to eat too

I teach 2 days a week at my son's preschool, not his class :) God bless those 2 Angels. Most of the time I post all 3 lunches I make on the same day they are made (me + 2 monkeys), sometimes I don't if mine doesn't fit their themes. Mine aren't always as fancy as theirs, sometimes they are "adult" themes, and sometimes its literally "look lunch". These fall into the last category so I dragged my fingers in writing this up.

It's Fall 
Our class was studying leaves this week and they love it when my lunch matches.

In this lunch : In an ELB
  • Black beans
  • Leaves and acorns - provolone and colby cheese
  • Rice thins
  • Grapes and heart strawberries
Ode to Starbucks Pumpkin Coffees
Its no secret coffee is my lifeline, and I love the pumpkin flavors.

 In this lunch : In an ELB
  • 2  green quadrants - rice crackers
  • Starbucks cup - Ham with Starbucks stir pick
  • Pumpkins - Colby cheese
  • Grapes
  • Carrot chips
 Even if I don't play with my food, grown-ups gotta eat too. I do love packing my lunch because I tend to eat healthier, and smaller portions than when I graze all day at home.

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