Tuesday, September 24, 2013

National Punctuation Day

Today is one of those obscure wacky days, National Punctuation Day! Now the grammar police will probably be having a party, whipping out their red corrective pens. If you've read my blog, or chatted with me in any written form, email, text, or facebook, then you have come to realize that I am a slob when it comes to punctuation. I have a penchant for run-on sentences and fragments. All three lunches are packed in Easy lunch boxes.

An Apple A Day :)

Little Blue monkey just finished up their apple unit at preschool so this fit well. The sideways smile emoticon is a favorite in my typing, he also has a shirt with this on it, and of course Amy Pond's apple used this same symbol, so for him this was perfect.

In this lunch :
  • Apple sandwich -Ham, pretzel stem, veggie pirates booty leaves, gummy worm
  • APPLE - Trader Joe's cinnamon schoolhouse cookies
  • Carrots
  • :) Apple for our hidden punctuation 
Hersheys or Nestle ? 

Big Green monkey did not want an apple, despite picking out the worms to go in it. So instead he opted to go a sweeter route. Being the sweet mom I am when he asked for chocolate in his lunch I obliged and gave him choices or more questions.

In this lunch
  • Hershey and Nestle candy bars - Ham sandwiches
  • ? - Babybel cheese
  • Veggies pirates booty
  • ? in a green apple
 , , , Chameleon 

Can we really have a holiday about punctuation without also incorporating a pun? I think not, grammatical humor at its finest. If you were around in the 80's you'll get the reference. As long as I was throwing in random references I put in 2 homages to TV shows I watch in this one too.

In this lunch :
  • Comma Chameleon (Karma Chameleon - Culture club) - Spinach salad, provolone cheese art, and ham commas
  • Dexter and Bones - Dexter just ended (boo I hate series finales), and Bones has begun its fall season. So I made a cheese severed finger for Dexter and a bone for Bones, both are string cheese melted into an ice tray then chilled. Atop veggie pirates booty.
  • Period - Black and red grapes and green apples