Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A, B, C, for You and Me

Twice a week I make lunches for all 3 of us. Sometimes we all do our own theme and sometimes they match. Last night none of us had any better ideas so we started the alphabet. For every night that we can't think of anything we'll work our way through the alphabet. My preschoolers loved my fun lunch and it sparked good discussion about types of foods and in this case things that start with "C". We can't say enough about our Easy Lunch Boxes. They are so sturdy and easy to use, even my husband who doesn't follow any of this stuff complimented them on our camping trip.

A is for Alligator, Airplanes, and Angry Birds 

In this lunch :
  • A is for Alligator - Ham sandwich with raisin eyes
  • Trader Joe's Potato straws
  • A - fruit leather
  • Angry birds - carrots
  • Airplanes - watermelon
B is for Bear, Boat and Bomb Bird 

 In this lunch :
  • Bear - ham and cheese sandwich cut with CuteZCute cutter
  • B - babybel cheese
  • B - fruit leather
  • Trader Joe's Potato straws
  • Bomb Bird - carrots
  • Boats - watermelon
C is for Cats, and Cars

  In this lunch :
  • Chicken salad with Cucumbers
  • Cat - provolone cut with CuteZCute cutter
  • Trader Joe's potato straws
  • Cars - watermelon