Sunday, September 15, 2013

Crescent Rolls 4 Ways

As part of the Immaculate Baking Program I receive some goodies and coupons to try out their products, everything else in this post is unbiased. So one late night around 11pm, I had an urge to bake, I know weird right? I had been planning to make pizza bites for my son's lunch, but once I popped the can open I had a few other ideas and decided to try them all. 1 can, 4 ideas, all winners according to me and my monkeys.

Pizza Pockets 

  1. Unroll crescent dough
  2. Press 2 triangles together  (1/4 sheet) at the seam, then cut in half
  3. Add 1 spoonful of pizza sauce, I wen t the easy route with our local brand
  4. Sprinkle on cheese
  5. Top with other half and press together with the tines of a fork. I was using this one for Roald Dahl Day and wrote Willy Wonka in pizza sauce before baking
  6. Bake according to package directions for crescents

I sent this as part of our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lunches, cold, and my Green Monkey loved it! "Best lunch ever, can I have more?" If it's that good cold I'm telling you, you will never buy a hot pocket again. He LOVES his new Easy Lunch Box we even took them camping this weekend but that will be a story for another time. :)

Pizza Bites

  1. Repeat the above directions
  2. Crease however many squares you want. I took the easy route and used my FunBites CubeIt!

Another fun Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lunch for Roald Dahl Day in our Easy Lunch Boxes. Again I didn't bother warming it up as the rest of the lunch I wanted to stay cold. Little Blue Monkey thought it was awesome and again requested more. So that solves our fears of serving the kids cold pizza, apparently all those nights avoiding dinner has created kids who love cold pizza. WIN!

Sunbutter and Jelly Rolls

Ok so this is where late night baking got me in trouble. Ideally I was going to send beautiful sunbutter and jelly pinwheel rolls to lunch....but it got eaten, before I got a picture, before it got sliced, but it was a delicious afternoon snack so we'll make it again soon.

  1. Spread however you like on those conjoined triangles. I was going for a spiral so I did sunbutter on one triangle and jelly on the other and rolled it lengthwise .
  2. Tuck the ends to keep it from oozing out too much during baking
  3. Bake according to package same timing as crescent rolls
Cinnamon Rolls 

Again these got eaten up before a pretty presentation picture could be taken, but that just goes to show when it's good it's gone!

  1. Spread butter, margarine, or whatever you like on the dough
  2. Sprinkle with a pinch of sugar and a dash of ground cinnamon (would be just as good with apple pie spice or pumpkin spice etc)
  3. Roll into crescents - deliciousness on the inside
  4. Bake according to package directions
 So there you have it, any way you roll it these are delicious!

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