Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monkey Business

Little Blue Monkey and I had our 1st days of school today! He started the day off all smiles...bless his teachers heart ;). I had a great 1st day of teaching, I love our kids and the staff. 

 Remember he's cute for a reason ;)

Tuesday, It must be Pig  in a Poke!

I know it's only the second week of school, and first day for Blue Monkey and I, but already our routine is... well... routine, so Tuesday made me think of Sam and Dean.

In my lunch : We got a Goodbyn bynto box at Target, but it's huge for my kids appetites so now it's mine :)
  • Pig in a Poke - American blend salad, cucumber and ham pigs
  • Trader Joe's veggie straws
  • Fruit salad - cotton candy grapes, oranges, strawberries
 Back to School

In this lunch :
  • Pencil - Carb smart tortilla, Sunbutter, banana, honey, decorated with food coloring
  • Carrots, cotton candy grapes, orange slices

On a roll 
In this lunch :
  • Banana, sunbutter, and honey roll-up
  • Carrots, cotton candy grapes, orange slices, cucumber slices
So this was their first experience with sunbutter, or a banana roll-up. Neither touched it, Green Monkey was afraid it was peanut butter and didn't want to chance his classmate having an allergic reaction. I had told him at breakfast it was sunbutter not peanuts and wrote it on his napkin note, but he's not remotely a morning person. The little blue was having a difficult day adjusting to class rules and refused to try it. So while I can attest it is in fact delicious ( I taste tested last night), mine will have to try it again during more awake hours then I can pack this again. for those with allergies or in a class with food allergy sufferers Sunbutter is yummy for those hooked on PB&J. 

For more allergy friendly, fun, non-sandwich ideas check out Keeley McGuire's round-up.


  1. Yay for good first days for you and your little! I have no idea what show that is. That pencil is cute.

    1. Thanks! Gasp have I not over gushed about Supernatural? I love it and have been hooked watching it on Netflix all summer (I was late to the fandom)

  2. Dean would be most displeased to see salad in his pig n a poke :P

    1. There is a side of pig (ham) Sorry Dean no bacon burgers today :)

  3. I love the pencil! Great idea! Glad all went well for his first day!