Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Timey Wimey 6th Birthday

With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who premiering today, I thought I would share Green Monkey's Whovian party. Since we are in America finding Doctor Who party supplies wasn't an option so we made them. As usual I caught a case of the pinterest pox and it threw up all over. So here's all the resources I used, along with a LOT (and by that I mean they did most of the actual work) help from my family. Get comfy this will be a long one but worth it if you're throwing a Doctor Who party or just want to kick off the 50th Anniversary in style, here's what we did.


 Waiting in our living room the morning of the party was Green Monkey's very own TARDIS. Who wouldn't want to wake up to find a TARDIS, and it really is bigger on the inside. We got ours off Think Geek.

Our dancing Doctor
Our dining room is a greyish blue so to TARDISfy it I found some cube butcher paper at Mardell's in the teacher supply section. Perfect now I don't have to unclutter the bookshelves :)

For the ceiling we hung a bag of gold hanging swirly stars and streamers from Party City. Then made our own banners using crepe paper and 36 characters which we cropped to circles and printed out on cardstock. We also hung the Public Notice on our front door which was funny because you have to push not pull to open our door...its ok they figured out how to get in.

Games and Activities

The main attraction was a Games2U van since our boy is also a gamer. It was a huge hit and fit quite a few kids inside I think 16 plus another 8 could play on the outdoor big screens. 
Inside we had a couple fun things to keep them entertained. As you come in we had masks and bow ties for those willing to play along. The bow ties we made using a great tutorial by A Beautiful Mess. No sewing just an iron and hot glue gun, 1/4yd of space fabric, 1/4 yd of red fabric, alligator clips and a hot glue gun. The masks we printed on cardstock and attached rubber bands at the ears, those were from BBC One - Doctor Who - Masks and Fun and Games.

Our whole family dressed in Doctor Who attire including suits, bow ties, and of course converse because we knew we would be running a lot.

Moisturize Me!
Cassandra was getting dry so the kids had to keep misting her. A dollar store white plastic table cloth which I cut a few semi-circles and hung with string from the monkey bars, Gram cut felt face pieces from scrapes I had, and a dollar store spray bottle, $3 not bad.
We found a ton of free printable coloring pages on BBC One - Doctor Who Fun and Games

In our Gallifreyan tool shop the kids got to make their own sonic screwdriver pens. I found a great tutorial over at Doodle Craft. A simple craft all the kids (Ages 3-6) were able to complete and we sent most home to bake but got a few done before the party was over. Papermate pens, sculpy, and marbles, that's it. The kids are still taking them everywhere, though the sculpy can be a bit fragile.

Food and Cake

TARDIS has landed with 9th,10th, and 11th Doctors. This was a huge learning curve for me, but I survived with a lot of tips from a friend over at Ellie Belly Cakes. I am so grateful for all of her help walking me through my first from scratch cake, first ganache, working with fondant, and sugar sheet art
2 layers of Black Magic Cake and 2 layers of Confetti cakes vanilla cake, Swiss Buttercream frosting, and Ghirardelli Ganache, Signs and windows printed by Make it Sweet on sugar paper, and Satin Ice Fondant. The Doctors are the only inedible part and those adorable paper dolls came from Carg's Doodles

Adipose Marshmallows - The fat just walks away
This was inspired by Doctor Who Crafts the birthday boy love making them with his Uncle and drawing their faces.

Amy's Apples
 A small fruit tray with bananas for the Doctor, apples for Amy, and oranges just because they're good.

Galaxy Jello
Inspired by Bakingdom I used blue jello, and various sprinkles, small non-perils, moons and stars, both mixed in while it set, and some more on top.

Fish Fingers and Custard
A Doctor Who must, ours are vanilla pudding and lady fingers.
Old school candy dots, they look Dalek like to us. We had 2 containers or other candy too...wait for it

Other TARDIS Sightings
TARDIS Balloons
Gift bags
Milky Way, Nerds, Star bouncy ball, Glitter putty, Glow in the dark Alien, Pop-up alien, finger light, and compass ring, all from Party City. Gram and I made the bags just drawing and printing.

Gram made him the coolest TARDIS hooded bath towel ever.

It was one of our coolest parties to date. Everyone had a blast. Thank you to all of our friends and family that made this possible. Thank you to all the creative bloggers that shared such fun ideas.

Ok so really it was a playdate on his actual birthday but since I made another Doctor Who themed cake I want to include it in this post. He requested a Cyberman so of course I made a little one for him. I used Devil's food cake mix, left over ganache from the TARDIS cake, and made marshmallow fondant from Make it & Love it. The eyes are fudge covered wasn't girl scout cookie season yet or I would have had thin mints, but these were delicious too.


  1. Awesome! Just found your post complete with a shout out from my own blog! (doodlecraft, sonic screwdriver pens) So glad they worked for your little party too! I'm planning my second Doctor Who party for my almost 5 year old next month! :) Thanks for the other fun ideas!

    1. They were awesome. We did 2 Doctor Who parties for our boys this year, one TARDIS and one DALEK themed :) Your post was awesome, great idea!

  2. I don't know how I missed seeing this. You cake is incredible! Love everything about this party.

    1. Thanks! We did a Dalek party too. We love our little whovians :)

  3. Wow. That's totally awesome. Your children are incredibly lucky. It's fortunate you can't just go and buy Dr Who party stuff there as it wouldn't have been anything like as great.