Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1st day of Spring

Welcome spring, one of the nicest times of year...but famous for weather flips and we see them all. The rain last night knocked out power so clocks were blinking, we didn't over sleep thanks to cell phone alarms but that meant blinking clocks so no before/after pics today. I volunteer on Wednesdays so we're out the door right after big kid and daddy leave, followed by the gym and then home for our lunch.

Green fishy for my green monkey... his request (shrug) but he loved the eggs yesterday and wanted refills.

In this lunch :
  • Peanut and butter fish with candy eye and fish bubbles with goldfish crackers
  • Stripped egg filled with Annie's graham bunnies
  • Green egg with a small chocolate bunny
  • Strawberry fish
  • Carrots
 Hoppy day for my little bunny boy

In this lunch :
  • Peanut butter and jelly bunny with cotton candy tail
  • Cotton candy bunny - I bought "Cotton tails" but the bag had been smushed so its not fluffy now, so I figured why not cut it into a bunny too
  • Carrots
  • Heart strawberry

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