Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Fun with my BBFs

I am so privileged to know some of the most creative foodies in the blogger-verse. It is said imitation is the sheerest form of flattery. Lately they have made some goodies I couldn't wait to try...and they were all a hit. So have some fun this weekend with these tried and true goodies.

Peeps Smore's
  • Adapted from Creative Foods Peep Party
  • I used Peeps, graham crackers, and chocolate bunnies
    • It goes without saying...but remove the foil before zapping it in the microwave for 10 secs
    • If you've never zapped a Peep you really need to try it, the kids will love watching them blow up...from a safe distance from radiation and all that.

Peeps Rice Crispy Treats Teacher Gifts
  • Adapted from Creative Food
  • 3 packages of peeps, 3 Tbsp of butter, and 6 cups of Rice crispy cereal
    • Melt the butter in a big pot on the stove 
    • On low heat add the peeps
    • It took 10-15 minutes for them to melt, don't stir! Jiggle it from time to time. A lid will help it warm evenly.
    • Add cereal, now gently fold it into the peeps until covered
    • Spray a dish with cooking spray or grease with whatever you like, I sprayed the spatula too to keep it from sticking
    • Spread it out and let it cool completely, I stuck mine in the fridge and did other things
    • I cut ours with a Wilton Easter cutter I sprayed that too to prevent sticking
  • In a baggie I placed one peep crispy bunny egg and 1 peep and used the free printable label from Nothing but Country

Carrot Patch Cupcakes
  • Adapted from Bento Days
  • Duncan Hines Devils food cake mix and Angel Food cake mix with orange food coloring
    • I only had the grocery store brand not Americolor so it wasn't very strong orange. I amped it up with my Americolor edible markers.
  • Duncan Hines Devil's food cake mix and Pillsbury Orangesicle cake mix was perfect
  • Bake Orange cake first, I used a loaf pan and made cupcakes out of leftovers batter
  • Once cooled then freeze it for at least an hour to make it easier to carve and prevent burning in step 2
  • Cut orange cake into triangles for cupcakes or if doing a loaf spread cut the middle into a carrot shape, either way place that in the middle of your cupcake or loaf pan
  • Now fill with Devil's food batter and bake according to box, when testing just poke the deepest Devil's food cake portion as the middle has the already cooked orange cake in there
  • Once cooled slice the top to reveal the carrot..I suppose you could leave it alone but it was fun to see it.
  • For stems any green you like cut into leaf shapes. I used fruity tic tacs for the first batch, then Sour punch bites for the second batch which I liked better.

 Peter Cottontails Bunny Trail mix kids craft
  • Free printable lyrics from DLTK's - Learning Together
  • Bunny cups
    • Crepe paper bunny ears bigger ovals for white smaller for pink glue them together then to the top of the cup
    • Glue on a cotton ball at the bottom of the cup
    • On the other side use markers (I used sharpies) to draw on the bunny face
    • Hop along the bunny trail and fill your bunny with trail mix

  • Peter Cottontail’s Trail Mix 
    1 scoop of Cheerios for the footprints on the trail
    1 Spoonful each of:
    Jelly beans for Tommy
    Colored Hershey eggs for sister Sue
    Orchid M&Ms for your mommy
    Robins eggs Easter bonnet too
    Fruit and nut trail mix bunny food
    Marshmallow bunny tails too
    Annie's organic cheddar bunnies
    Annie’s organic Friends graham bunnies too


  1. Omy gosh I LOVE your Rice Krispies Peeps!!! I love how you packaged them up for teachers gifts!! How cute!! :) Love all your treats you made :)

    1. Thanks! They were a big hit! I had been wanting to make them but had no idea the ratio of marshmallow peeps until I saw your post. Love the peep partys :)