Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring in Texas

The bluebonnets are blooming! We could not resist taking some pictures in them on St. Patrick's Day before driving home. Yes I do only have 2 monkeys the 3rd is my nephew :) these cousins are as close as brothers.

So of course he wanted bluebonnets for lunch today...or at least a sandwich that looked like bluebonnets. To add some fun to the morning, I decided to time how long it takes me to make lunch. Now added bonus today is our first day back from spring break, so not only was it a crazy busy weekend, got home late, went to bed late due to unpacking and stuff, and hadn't seen 6am for a week (boo I hate mornings).

Actual bento time was under 10 min, I know this shows 12 minutes but it's a later pic which includes making the bento, staring like a zombie (pre-coffee) into the fridge and pantry to see if I wanted to add anything to the sandwich compartment, taking pics for the blog, and making breakfast while waking green monkey. Most of my time was staring or taking pics, ok staring, I really hate mornings. I drew the cheese last night in all of 2 min tops, from the comfort of my recliner watching TV :). The reason we start at 6am when he doesn't have to be out the door until 7am is none of us are morning people. While hubby is showering and getting ready for work I'm doing breakfast and lunches. By 6:30am big kid is off to get dressed and back on the couch to get a few extra winks before its time to go, somewhere in that time little blue toddles out and demands his "juice and a show".

In this bento :
  • Peanut butter and jelly Texas sandwich, with bluebonnets on provolone
  • Grapes 
  • Carrots
  • Leftover mini brownie with rainbow from St. Patrick's dinner yesterday
Tomorrow I'll see how long it takes when I make 2. 


  1. Beautiful bluebonnets (the real ones and in your lunch)!

  2. It is truly beautiful! We saw so many bluebonnets yesterday and I couldn't wait to see this bento! Thank you for being the FIRST to link up to my FIRST linky! You rock!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks :) my fav thing about spring in Texas

  4. Looks great! Where did you find a decent field of bluebonnets? I want to do that this weekend.

    1. This was in League City outside Houston by Clear Creek High School. I have seen the fields filling in around here this week though more sparse than a few years ago. There was a good spot by Giddens Elementary, another by Fuzzy's tacos, I haven't checked by the Holiday Inn on 1431 or the CP library yet.