Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Waffles for lunch

One of the things that I love about summer is being able to take the time to let my kids cook with me. During the school year I tend to shoo them away so I can just get it done fast, but that is no fun at all. So while we have the time and open schedule I like to let them make whatever they want, when they want. Today they really wanted waffles, but being on a relaxed schedule also means I hadn't been to the store yet and there were no Eggos to fall back on, oops. Their favorite flavor happens to be cinnamon toast, and I have missed waffles, not Eggos (sorry) but real ones. You see due to dietary restrictions for my health I need to limit sugar and cut out gluten. A real challenge for a sweet tooth like me. I'm still a fledgling and soaking up all kinds of recipes and tips from everything I can find online. I have been buying things to eventually start baking again if I find them on sale or a coupon, but hadn't had the time or inspiration yet. So the three of us journeyed into our kitchen to attempt some yummy healthy waffles.

Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Cinnamon Apple Waffles

These were fantastic! Seriously they are fluffy and sweet and a great substitute for all the cinnamon roll goodness Pinterest has been tempting me with lately. I'm including the brands I use just in case others may produce different results, or like me you stare at the grocery shelves with no idea what brand to pick.

Dry Ingredients :
Wet Ingredients :
      *  Separately whisk the egg whites until fluffy

  1. Sift together the dry ingredient
  2. Whisk together the wet ingredients in a separate bowl
  3. Whisk the egg whites in a separate bowl
  4.  Transfer wet mixture to kitchen aid mixer, 
  5. Slowly add in dry mixture
  6. Beat for 2 minutes until well incorporated
  7. Fold in egg whites until well incorporated
  8. Scrape sides and stir one last time
  9. Pre-heat Krups waffle iron, spray with Pam cooking spray
  10. Add batter and bake!
Now the fun part about cooking with kids is the mess. The first batch I was timid and didn't add enough leaving holy waffles. The second batch I over compensated and erupted a waffle mess that really entertained the monkeys. The third round was of course perfect :). Mess not included this should make ~11-12 waffles depending on your iron. One was plenty to fill me up, each kid ate two and we served it with Maple Grove sugar free maple syrup and apple slices.

For more great ideas check out Keeley McGuire's allergy friendly recipe over at MOMables.

Now for the fun challenge. I entered the Cooking Light Magazine's The Great American Healthy Lunchbox Challenge and have made it to round 2 in the Lunchbox for Kids category on the Facebook contest. As 1 of only 5 in my category every vote counts. I need your help to get to number 1. So please click and vote for me every day until June 14th. One lucky winner from each category will be featured in the September issue of Cooking Light Magazine and on Cooking Light.com. I would really appreciate your support. As a first year blogger and bento maker you can imagine how exciting this is for me. I would be nothing without all of you however. So we're in this together. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. http://bit.ly/13JdyjM

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