Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Graduation Day!

First and foremost thank you to everyone who supported me in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Foodie Moms contest. We did it! We made the list at #21 and will be featured on their site. As part of the feature I may select 3 favorite posts. But which to choose? If you have a favorite leave me a comment.

The graduation ceremony went great! Seems like just last year he was graduating preschool...oh wait yes he did :). It was adorable. Since they were allowed to go home with their family to celebrate we ate out today so no lunches to share today. I did however pull out one last room mom surprise and made cookies for the class, bought some graduation balloons, and made some treats for the teachers and staff.

Graduation Cookies
Variations of this have been all over Pinterest this graduation season. This is how I made ours using store bought cookies and candy. 

Version 1 : I used a marshmallow fudge cookie, frosting, fudge mint cookie, and an M&M. It looked great, easy enough for making one for a lunch, but not stable enough for packing in bags. 

 Version 2 : These were perfect they held up great for transport and the kids and parents loved them.

 1. Materials : I used Marshmallow cookies, melted chocolate chips as glue, fudge mint cookie, Twizzlers Pull and peel as the tassel, and an M&M.
 2. Melt some chocolate chips, and using just a drizzle attach the marshmallow cookie to the fudge mint cookie, let sit until firm, or refrigerate if you're impatient like me. While you wait you can sort your M&Ms and turn them M side down so you can quickly assemble without an oops. Cut the Pull and Peel to about 3" I measured from center of cookie to about table top height. Peel three off at a time, separate half way up, twist the other half tight. Then another dollop of melted chocolate to attach the tassel and finally the M&M button.
 3. All set and ready to go! You can either wait for room temp or chill, I chilled.

4. Final presentation : I found Bell cut-outs in the teacher section of the Dollar Tree, in a pack of 32, it was fate calling. So for the students I made 20 "Saved by the Bell! Congrats Grad!" and saved the rest for Teacher and Staff gifts.

For the Teachers and Staff I made S'mores. Another popular teacher gift on Pinterest. This is my version. All you need is S'mores materials, graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hersheys Chocolate bars.

The rest of the Bells were for the Teachers and Staff and Bus Driver that watched over our Kindergartener this year. They say "Saved by the Bell! Hope you have S'more fun this summer"

So long Kindergarten (after another day and a half of school anyway) hello summer vacation!


  1. What lovely treats! You rock!

  2. Love those cookies. They look great! Have a great summer break!