Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shake Your Udi's, Boogie Your Buns House Party

This week I had an opportunity to host a House Party featuring Shake your Udi's, Boogie your buns. We had a fantastic afternoon and the kids and moms boogie woogie oogied.

This was our first time trying the Udi's hot dog buns and moms and kids all approved. They are yummy. Thanks to the Free Udi's coupons provided in the House Party Pack we can all enjoy some Free Udi's products. I also purchased their Sweet and Fruity granola which I love for Chobani Greek yogurt parfaits (not pictured in this post but trust me its awesome).

Being summer a big get-together can be hard to schedule, and afternoons doubly so thanks to nap schedules. Our next challenge was the barbeque, it's in the triple digits here so standing in full sun over open flames didn't appeal to me so we brought the party inside and grilled on our George Foreman grill. I chose Hebrew National Gluten-free hotdogs and one of the guests also brought Gluten-free Angus beef hotdogs, they were delicious! For our sides we served fresh fruit: grapes, oranges, apples, watermelon, and cantaloup. One of the guests also brought home-made strawberry shortcakes with whipped cream and strawberry sauce that was so good for dessert.

9 people for our party, though 3 are hidden

With the 4th of July right around the corner, celebrating gluten-free is easier than ever. Thanks Udi's and House Party!

As part of this party package we received:
  • Free coupons to purchase Udi's Hot dog buns and other Udi's products
  • Udi's Disco Inferno BBQ sauce
  • Udi's reusable grocery bag
  • Hamburger-shaped mini speaker
  • 12 Udi's Zinnia Soul seeds
  • 12 Temporary disco tattoos
  • 12 Boogie your buns wristbands
  • Free Guest product coupons for purchase of Udi's products

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