Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 5-8

Halloween is officially over and so it's time to be Thankful for all we have and who we have to share it with. We recently picked up The Wizard of Oz by L.Frank Baum through the Kohl's Cares program. I have watched it every year since I can remember at Thanksgiving. I can't wait for it to come on and watch it with my boys. This week we're visiting our friends in Oz....ok and we snuck in a Batman but big green Monkey had asked for him a few thousand times so what can I do but spoil him rotten :)

Monday - Batman - I know he's not in the Wizard of Oz but to be fair they hadn't started reading the book until Monday night and he had been wanting Batman for a long time. PB&J Batman and Bat sandwiches with fruit leather mask. B M cantaloup, and salad with Monterrey cheese action bubbles on top.

Tuesday - We began reading The Wizard of Oz last night. Today I sent both monkeys off with Ham and cheese Toto and Dorothy at the farm house as the twister gets closer.

Wednesday - The first friend she meets is the Ham and Cheese Cowardly Lion who just needs some pretzel courage. The grapes and PB celery are spelling out OZ.

Thursday - We meet 2 more friends along the yellow brick cheese road today green monkey will open his lunch to find the turkey and cheese Scarecrow and a broccoli forest. I also made apple and marshmallow smile, missing a few teeth he lost tooth #4 yesterday and we had a visit from good our favorite tooth fairy.

Little blue money  will open his lunch to meet the turkey and cheese Tinman on the cheddar yellow brick road with grapes and PB celery OZ.

Our Toothfairy tradition is to have him write a note to the tooth fairy, tuck it with his tooth (cleaned and in a baggy) into the yoda tooth pillow I made and hang it on his door. So much easier to do the exchange this way. Then Tooth fairy comes and makes the exchange leaving behind fairy dust covered tooth receipt, letter, and $1.

The first tooth was $5 he and his brother had been fighting in the grocery cart, and the little guy won pushing him overboard and landing face first on the concrete. As he was only 4 and his adult teeth were nowhere near ready to come in we opted to have him wear a partial until his first baby tooth fell out on its own. We were unprepared for the 1st tooth fairy visit, so we just put it in the plastic tooth chest the dentist gave him, tucked it under his pillow, and swapped it for a 5 dollar bill once he was asleep.

A full year later on the 4th of July, he lost his 1st bottom tooth eating an ear of corn. She came to visit a little late because fairies don't' work on holidays ;) but the sparkly pinterest tradition was born. The next bottom tooth wasn't far behind and he wiggled it out 2 weeks later. Last night his front incisor, already wiggly, fell out when he bumped his face on his Ironman mask while climbing into my chair for an afternoon nap.

I found a great tooth pillow tutorial on mmmcrafts then used my imagination and embroidery machine to make his into Yoda.

Next we needed the paper goods so again searched pinterest for something clever and found the tooth fairy receipt by Scrappin' with my bug.

Then the glue stick and glittered money and letter and just wrote our own using these free printables as inspiration.Some use hairspray and I find it let's go too quick, but then I don't have mega hold hairspray so it may work for you. I prefer glue sticks because I can't draw and then sprinkle the glitter and shake well in a gallon sized ziplock bag, no mess I mean evidence :)

He loves the fairy dust and has tried to fly jumping on his bed or off the couch, hey at least he can't get on the roof right? So now he has decided to start collecting all fairy dust items in a jar until he can gather enough to fly.

When I was growing up mom made us each a pillow with a pocket for our tooth, then in the morning we'd find it replaced with a quarter. My how inflation has gone up :)