Friday, November 16, 2012

A week of Thanksgiving

I hope everyone enjoyed the BBF - What are you thankful for blog hop yesterday. If you missed it please go back one post and click through those fabulous lunches. I am so thankful to have been accepted into this group. They are a wonderful, creative, witty group of bento-ologists :) I am thankful for all of them and the inspiration they have given me.

This past weekend I sat the monkeys down and asked them each what they were thankful for, we wrote them down on a feather then attached them to a turkey mad from their hand prints.

 Green Monkey's answers in the order he thought of them.
Blue Monkey's answers in the order he thought of them.

We also found a great tutorial on Our Best Bites for turkey and pilgrim cookies and had to test them before Thanksgiving. Adorable and delicious, as long as you use a little patience to let the frosting set up they are really easy too.

Monday - We kicked off our last week of school before Thanksgiving break with a Gobble gobble gobble Turkey lunch. 

Turkey with cheddar and monterrey jack cheese, apples (I thought of carving them into a bird like I did for pirate day but only after I had sent him off to school), and a Turkey cookie for dessert. The cookie/candy turkeys were a huge hit.

Tuesday - And who was thankful for that turkey...the Pilgrims of course. Normally I make 2 lunches on tue/th but this week the monkeys have their Thanksgiving feasts and Blue monkey had his today so I ate with him at school.

Wednesday - Another of my favorite childhood memories is watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving by Charles M. Schulz every year. So Here's snoopy serving the fun feast.

Thursday - How did those pilgrims get here? Well on the Mayflower of course! Blue monkey's lunch is a turkey and cheese mayflower with pretzel and monterrey cheese sails, carrots and grapes, and an oreo turkey cookie. Green monkey had his Thanksgiving luncheon today so we get to have lunch together at school.

Friday - Last but not least the Pilgrims enjoyed food due to the kindness and generosity of the Indians. Let us be kind to one another at all times, not just during the holiday. Turkey and cheese Indian, fruit leather hair, almond nose, candy eyes, cheddar and monterrey jack cheese headdress, surrounded by cornucopias of food (bugles), apple slices, and an oreo turkey dessert.

All month we have been thinking of things we are thankful for, and on facebook I post a new reason daily. Some are funny, some are sentimental, but the truth is I am thankful every day. I have a wonderful family. I am blessed to have this time with my children....yes even when they drive me nuts. We have everything we need and most of what we want. I am thankful for good friends both online and in real life who help me navigate this crazy parenting roller coaster. So to everyone in my life I want to say Thank you as i would not be as happy or fulfilled as I am without each and everyone of you.

Have a great Thanksgiving and remember to be thankful and kind year-round.


  1. I love your turkey sandwich!! Seriously--so fun!!

    1. Thank you :) Really easy too just 2 circle cookie cutters different sizes.

  2. cute ideas. We are traveling (in the car) for Thanksgiving and I wanted to make my girls special lunches for their new bento boxes!


    1. Thanks! We travel tomorrow. I think I'll introduce my nephew to fun with food :)

  3. Beautiful set of lunches!