Friday, November 30, 2012

November 25-29 lunches

Back to school this week. The break was fun but it's time to get back to our routine, and that morning alarm. So what's for lunch? I got some new cookie cutters this week, and new Americolor markers to play with too.

Monday - Dave our Minion Elf on the Shelf - Ham and cheddar sandwich, green fruit roll up jumper, fruit leather goggles, babybel cheese hat. Surrounded by Captain Crunch cereal...because that's where he was hiding this morning in the cereal box on the table after writing I love you on the monkeys place mats in cereal.

Tuesday - Green monkey requested Fix it Felix Jr. from Wreck it Ralph...I can't draw at all so  I tested out a technique I saw on Pinterest for decorating cakes using a coloring page and wax paper...but I did it the lazy way. Basically I pulled up a free coloring page on my laptop, held up a piece of wax paper, traced it with the Americolor writers, slapped a piece of cheese on it, and it transferred the outline to the cheese then I just colored them in and cut them out. Felix is in front of a turkey Apartment building sandwich and holds his golden hammer. As a treat I took a candy bracelet from their Halloween stash and cut a salt water taffy in half to make a candy medal. Served it with strawberries and Salad and he loved it.

Blue Monkey wanted Ralph so I used the same technique to trace and transfer, color and cut. I cut one cucumber with a star and used it in his to hold the ranch dressing and the other went to the other lunch as he didn't want dressing on his.

Moey's Heart & Hearth has a great tutorial doing this for cakes. I just simplified it since I was working with markers not icing.

Wednesday - Robot Squirrel and the Monkeys lunch - I found a squirrel cookie cutter at that bake shop, and since he was too tired to request a theme I self indulged and made us. Veggie straw tree, turkey and cheese monkey and squirrel. Chocolate dipped fall peep, grapes and cucumber slices for a nice fall lunch.

Thursday - Frosty the Snowman - We haven't even watched it yet this year but since he unpacked the window decals Green Monkey requested Frosty. So Let it snow here we go...Turkey and cheese Frosty sandwich, with carrot stick nose. I ended up using decorating gel for the hat to get a dark black. I dusted the lunch box in powder sugar and added mini marshmallows. The snowkids are cheese sticks and pretzels. Carrots and strawberries with a little sugar on the berries. The marshmallow snowman dessert has mini chocolate chip buttons and gummy mittens on pretzel arms and fruit strip scarf.

 Green Monkey drew on the green scarf on his own sandwich. I love it when he helps out and gets excited about the details.

Mommy's Lunch - A Christmas Story is my favorite Christmas movie and I couldn't in good conscience send this to school with a I made myself a fun lunch.A top a tuna salad (my usual go to lunch) Fra-gee-lay pretzels, stamped bread title using cookie cutter and food gel, and two cheesed the leg lamp.

Popped in my movie, and enjoyed a little Ohh...FFFFFFudge for dessert. I may need to start making myself a pretty lunch once a week, why should they have all the fun ;)

I hope you all had a fun week!


  1. I love all your lunches! So many amazing details! I love Frosty the Snowman but the leg lamp rocks!! Thank you for linking up to Switch It Up Sandwich Linky!

  2. Great line up! Love the lunches. Thanks for linking up on Christmas Cookie Cutter Challenge!

  3. Wow - your lunches look amazing! You are a food artist!!

    Thanks for linking up & sharing on TGIF!
    Beth =-)

    1. Thank you :) I'm learning a lot from all of you professionals :)

  4. HI! I found you on the bloghop and am your newest follower. I was kinda maybe sorta hopin' that you'd hop on by and follow me back!!

    Happy Holidays!