Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Journey through lunch

This week was a ton of fun! We began our journey through time and space with a couple Doctor Who themes. The monkeys have been watching it a lot as we're catching up on the first few seasons on Netflix. I love having little whovians running around. Nothing like sitting at IHOP with 2 little monkeys saying "Exterminate" back and forth across the table in their best impression of a Dalek. So off we go then...

Monday - Doctor Who Exterminate! PB&J Dalek with cheddar cheese and a dried cherry. Another Dalek made from a baby carrot hovers above ready to exterminate the Doctor. The cucumber Slitheen have it out for him too. How will DW (Covering grapes and cucumbers) Doctor Who escape all these villains? Stay tuned!

Tuesday - Doctor Who TARDIS times 2. Both monkeys have school today so we continued our Whovian adventure. Traveling back many seasons with our graham cracker TARDIS. I frosted it like you would make a gingerbread house, halved some mini marshmallows for windows, and a jellybean for the light. PB&J K-9 modified because the monkeys hadn't gotten to this episode yet. I made it look like a toy version rather than as he appears in the episodes. Now that they've seen him then next would be a solid base not legs. Next I tried my hand and carving fruit so I carved strawberry roses for our favorite Doctor companion Rose (Thanks Youtube). Cassandra the last human is Monterrey jack cheese stretched over her carrot frame.This was a big hit and both monkeys wanted to keep going with the theme but there were other special days this week so look for the Doctor to return later, after all he can't just hang around here all day, Time Lords never stick around too long. Allonsy!

Wednesday - International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirates life for me. The wee scallywags were in for quite a treat today. They set sail decked out in their pirate shirts as did I as their fearless Cap'n. It was early release day at school but he was not going to miss this adventure. So we followed our monterrey jack cheese map from the stormy graham cracker seas, defeating Davey Jones lil smokie. Ham and cheese ship is carrying our babybel pirate and the sail is carrot stick, ham and cheese skull and cross bones. On a distant aisle he tracks a red apple parrot (very rare indeed as it was my first time to ever try carving an apple thanks youtube) I adapted it to use apple slices and made the head 2 pieces because the separate beak looked better. Low and behold our brave pirate made it to the pirates booty full of carrot coins. The pirate flag was from Make and Takes blog. After school we took a blog hop journey through pirate themed bentos across the webisphere thanks to Bento Bloggers & Friends. We started our journey at Keitha's Chaos you need to check them all out they are too cute!

Thursday - Teddy Bear Picnic - Today is teddy bear picnic day at little blue monkeys school, so both monkeys got to go on a teddy bear picnic with their lunches today. Based on the book The Teddy Bears Picnic by Jimmy Kennedy.  Our PB&J little boys are in teddy bear disguises this morning, for when they went into the spinach and celery leaf woods today they were in for a big surprise. They followed the cucumber and cheese paw prints and saw a bunch of grape and fruit twist balloons. The Teddy grahams and Gummy bears were having their picnic on their graham cracker blanket covered in fruit roll up and mini marshmallow slices. What do they eat at their picnic? Why dried berries of course .

We had such a fun week, thanks for traveling with us! We'll be back next week for more fun. Have a great weekend!

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