Thursday, September 27, 2012

Generation TX Spirit Week

This was Generation Texas week at Green Monkey's school. So each day was a different theme. I decided it would be fun to theme our lunches to match. So each night we talked about the next day's theme and I asked him to describe to me what he thought of for each's what he came up with and how I turned it into lunch.

Monday -Rock Star Day - Rock stars play guitar (Imagine 5yo boy playing hilarious flailing air guitar) so we begin with a PB&J guitar sandwich with carrot stick strings and raisin nuts. Crackers and cheese music. cantaloup stars, and my favorite a cucumber drum set (Beatles of course). Yes he did get pop rocks for lunch, 1) he begged for them after he saw me putting them in a friend's 40th birthday party bouquet(40 rocks), and 2) because they do rock :o).

Tuesday - Super Hero Day - Avengers Lunch for 2. One for each little monkey representing 4 of their favorite avengers. Ironman PB&J sandwich, mini oreo eyes; Babybel cheese Captain America shield on whole wheat ritz cracker, Incredible Hulk cucumber with spinach shorts, and Thor's lil smokie and carrot hammer.

Wednesday - Neon Day - Ok so we didn't have any neon colored food so since it reflects on your future being bright I asked him to name things that were bright...

Green monkey answered a light bulb, the sun, and stars. So he got a turkey and cheese light bulb sandwich, babybel and mild cheddar sun which he helped to color yellow, star cut cucumber for the ranch on his salad, and star shaped cantaloup and honeydew melon.

Blue Monkey answered sun and stars so he got a turkey and cheese sun sandwich, honeydew stars, and star cucumber with ranch. he didn't have school but since we had back to back plans I packed him a lunch for the road.

Thursday - Cowboy boots day - Turkey and cheese boot with turkey and cheese spur, and turkey and cheese hat sandwiches. Strawberry desert roses, carrot camfpire with lil smokie bench. I also made them mini smores because you can't have a campfire without them. So 1 square of graham cracker, 4 mini marshmallows, and a Hershey kiss.

Other monkey got the same but I used the other half of the sandwich to a cactus. The monkeys had a really hard time deciding who got which one. Both ate them and especially loved the smores :)

So the monkeys and I had a great week dressing up and making lunches. Tomorrow is college shirt day but he gets to buy his lunch since he's gotten green days all week so that's it for this week.


  1. These are great. I love the cowboy boots and hat.

    1. Thanks, I really love their involvement. They are definitely hooked today I asked lil blue monkey what he wanted for lunch he said "a volcano". Then again when we got home he asked for jelly toast I asked if he wanted the crusts cut off and he said "I want a crescent shape this time"....he's 3 I was impressed.