Friday, September 14, 2012

Pick a pair

So this week we had pairs of characters requested. Rather than make small versions I opted to give each their own day. Especially since Tuesday and Thursday I make 2 lunches. By the 4th day Green Monkey even wanted to help make them. So now I'm brain storming some prep work he could help with after dinner before bedtime routine. We'll see how that goes. Who knows maybe by the end of this year he'll be making his lunch all by himself which would be awesome, but I won't hold my breath.

Monday - Mario lunch - Can you tell what game he just got for his DS this weekend? This is where my son really started having an opinion on how it looks before I close it up and pack it. Originally I had Mario at the bottom and a mushroom in each corner just for decoration. Then he sees it and rearranges it into this. "Mushrooms can't fly mom, and they should go in different directions like this because he just ran them over." The mushrooms are a little smokie (cocktail weenie) inside half of a babybel cheese. I poked holes through the red wax using a straw.Strawberry jelly toast with 1 mini oreo used for wheels. Ham head/nose on top of a Ritz cracker, with beef jerky for all the hair bits (hair, eyebrows, mustache) and dried blueberry on the marshmallow eyes, and dried cherry for the mouth. His hat is fruit roll up over left over toast from his sandwich. Cantaloup stars, gorilla gummy from a Mario brothers gummies box. Cucumber Yoshi, dried cherry mouth, marshmallow and dried blueberry eyes, and I dripped a little ranch down his chest for the white tummy.

Tuesday - Luigi (you saw that coming right?) - Pretty simple and I got to use my dinosaur which cuts a sandwich in half making 2 dinos at once, saving me time. Turkey and Swiss today with lettuce to make Yoshi green. Using the H cookie cutter halfway through a green/blue fruit roll-up for his body. I used a 3rd piece of toast for the heads since I was making 2, and topped with turkey, beef jerky, marshmallow, dried blueberry, and dried cherry. The hat is toast covered in leftover green fruit roll up. Yoshi gets to hit the nutrigrain brick and win a coin of Colby jack cheese. He reaches carrot castle to raise the cantaloup flag after jumping over the green rip strip pipe where a strawberry and grape leaf monster tries to bite them. Oh and a green gummy treat I think they were Yoshis.

Wednesday - Phineas -One of their favorite shows, and games on the Ipod. Plus I had a request from a friend on FB so that worked out well, everyone is happy. :) Super easy too. Jelly toast sandwich, cut the top piece a little for the mouth. Marshmallow and dried blueberry eyes, carrot stick hair. Colby-jack cheese on toast scraps t-shirt. For the tree I used leftover crust (no he won't eat it but it worked) for the grape tree and fruit twist uncoiled for the rope and mini Oreo tire swing. Cantaloup P on top of grapes. But wait where's Perry? He's on a cucumber rocket-ship! I cut 3 small slits into a grape and stuck in a little Colby jack for the tail, carrot stick for legs, and cantaloup for his bill, scraps from the other stuff already in there.

Thursday - Another dazzling duo morning. But alas our first creative disagreement so while they both got Ferb they wanted different scenes. Oh sure why not, wait let me just top off my coffee...ok all better. So Green Monkey wanted a science theme, and while I almost attempted doofenshmirtz but one character is enough so I made a babybel beaker  with fruitloop bubbles instead which he colored it green for the potion. This time Perry is on a case and is made out of fruit roll up, cheese and turkey. Ferb is ham and cheese his t-shirt is marshmallow and cheese sleeve marshmallow and blueberry eye and spinach hair. F is for ferbalicious fruit salad. He also wanted regular salad so I cut the center of the cucumber into a start and filled it with ranch dressing.

Blue Monkey wanted Ferb and a honeybee tree? we may have to discuss the word consensus soon but for now I rolled with it. So Ferb is the same as is Perry, but he wanted carrots not salad. The grape tree is the same as the Phineas one but I added a red grape as a bee hive and a cantaloupe with dried blueberry wings for a bee. I wish I had a reason for why I pick what I do but it's all completely random based on what I have on hand :)

There's a 101 ways to cut up a sandwich, I wonder how many characters they will think up. As long as they want them I'll keep on going. I also think it would be fun to take requests so when they run out of ideas I will attempt anything child friendly from the comments we get. Feel free to leave a comment below with your favorite characters and I'll run it by my little directors ;)


  1. Your lunches look great! Isn't if fun to have your kid's input in their lunches? Sometimes it makes it more challenging but it is so cute to see how involved they get.

    1. Definitely. And I am happy to report he is trying new things. I finally get to put peanut butter back in his sandwiches and he will eat meat and cheese. I love the challenge he comes up with each night, and seeing his face as we assemble it in the morning.