Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More lunch fun

Ok so here's how week 2 went. I know you thought it was a cute gimmick that was special for the first week of school, for the first kid to hit elementary school...nope I've created a monster. Having control over who goes in his lunch finally makes lunch appealing to Green Monkey. Blue Monkey started Mother's Day out this week. So now every Tuesday and Thursday the monkeys must come to a consensus on who will be in their lunch. This week they decided on more super heroes. While this is all kinds of fun 1 theme is plenty for me especially if I'm going to make 2 so they will get identical lunches or as close as I can recreate. I know at some point they won't agree and I will probably give in, but so far it has been a non-issue.

 Monday was a holiday so no school, sorry :(

Tuesday - Green Lantern -  So Blue Monkey got the same goodies for his first day as Green Monkey, Hugs & Kisses pencil and Star Wars good luck postcard. I am nothing if not fair...but I'm not stupid either I made them at the same time and put his set away until his first day. Same thing for the teacher gifts I made 1 for each teacher and sent them with the boys on their first day. If you want the links to those they are in the previous post. That little Gingerbread man you use once a year...he can be anyone with a costume to a 5 and 3 year old. Today he was a ham and cheese sandwich with a green lantern suit made from lettuce, swiss cheese, and a kiwi symbol. Whole wheat Ritz cracker topped with swiss cheese and kiwi green lantern symbol. Yes I did actually carve a grape into a ring but seriously not difficult cut out a wedged from each side leaving a strip for the ring, poke a hole in the middle and poof it's a ring. And yes he of course wore it at lunch :) silly monkey. Cucumbers are just stacked to mimic the same symbol and the grapes are mostly whole just a couple rings tossed in for fun. I guess the green gummy bears are aliens but whatever they're green :)

Wednesday - Back to 1 lunch for Green Monkey. He picked Joker. Shocker... jelly toast, but really cool jelly toast :) a grape suit just seemed fitting. Yes I did attempt to cut a tie from a I'm not clinically insane just a little detail oriented with a penchant for self one-up-man-ship. The flower is left over colby jack cheese from the HA covering the strawberries and carrots and a seed from the kiwi. So I had some babybel cheese, but the little I totally pulled a Gallagher and smashed it with a meat cleaver HA! What can I say I was in tune with the subject. Anyway I added lettuce for hair, raisins for eyes, a mini marshmallow cut diagonally for a pointy nose, and drew on the eyebrows with edible marker. The pretzels were a great find at our local grocery store. Now while Pinners everywhere have done the smartie pants note for the first week of school I may be the first to get her kid scolded for having candy at snack time. There is a baggie of crackers behind the note but shame on me.

Thursday - Yep back to Green and Blue lunch so twice the fun , in the same 1 hour before school. :) It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's superman lunch time! Proving once again it doesn't have to be complicated to be cute and fun. Superman symbol strawberry jelly toast, fruit roll up cape, kiwi kryptonite in the corner Watch out! Fruit fortress of solitude apples hiding a strawberry pod. Superman shaped ham on whole wheat Ritz crackers.

Friday was grandparents day at Green Monkey's school so he got to buy his very first lunch and go through the line with his Mimi he was Stoked! I brought cheese pizza and greek salad for me and Blue Monkey from our favorite local shop, what does Green Monkey choose to buy... cheese pizza. We did surprise their Grandmas with a cute gift made the night before...oh come on you know I got it from pinterest :) Here's the link to the super cute Handprint and poem. We did ours after dinner, 1 kid at a time while daddy distracted the other with legos, then tossed them in the bath and bed while the masterpieces dried over night. They signed them the next day.

Stay tuned every week is a new adventure :)

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