Friday, March 28, 2014

No Place for Hate Blog Hop

The Bento Bloggers and Friends are back for another blog hop, but this one is for a great cause to show our support for those that travel the tough road. If you haven't been bullied at one time or another chances are you know someone who has. Some have it so rough they lose all hope, and resort to drastic measures like school shootings or suicide. No one should have to live like that, in fear, or hide who they are to "fit in". So we say Make Lunch Not War! There is no place for hate at the lunch table or anywhere else. If you see something, say something! Here are just a couple of the disturbing stories making headlines lately.

11-Year-Old Boy Attempts Suicide After Being Bullied for My Little Pony Passion

To help with Michael Morones Recovery Fund check out GoFundMe.

 North Carolina school bans boy’s “My Little Pony” lunch bag rather than confront its bullying problem

My son's school has a group called C-squared that meet once a month to come up with acts of kindness to do around the school. Their goal is to facilitate the No Place for Hate atmosphere and create a bully-free school.   Promote Prevent : Preventing Bullying  and Stop are just a couple of the many resources available to help you and your family take action to stop bullying. Let's work together to make the world safer for our kids. 

 So come hop along with us and raise awareness and bring a little more kindness and understanding to the lunch room and every room. Click the button at the end of this post and check out all the wonderful lunches.


 In this lunch :

  • Smiley Face - Jelly sandwich
  • C and 2 Trader Joe's Schoolhouse cookies
  • Carrots with Smiley face ring
  • Heart Strawberries with Stop sign

With over 150 members Giddens Elementary School is promoting a culture of kindness. I hope this hop will inspire you and your schools to keep it going. Now click the button below and see what The Lucky Lunchbox has in store next.


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