Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools Day!

Do you prank your kids? Today reasserts our very obvious family trait...we are not morning people, don't mess with us before noon. HA as f that would stop me from  a least a couple little pranks. We started the day off with cereal as we do most mornings...except today it was frozen. My first victim thought it was horrible...until he got to turn around and repeat it for his little brother, then it was hilarious...to us at least.

So of course I told them I would make them their favorite foods for lunch ;) a jelly donut for the big green monkey and waffles for the little blue monkey.  Again they were not happy with the catch that came with it but laughed afterwards when comparing stories.

Jelly Donut
In this lunch :
  • Jelly Donut - Jelly sandwich, rolled bread, filled with jelly, dusted with sugar
  • HA - Trader Joe's Schoolhouse cookies
  • Wormy apple - gummy worm in apple
  • Carrots with 1st pick and ranch dip
Waffles for lunch

In this lunch :
  • Waffles - Peanut butter and jelly inside
  • Wormy apple - gummy worm in an apple
  • Carrots with smiley face ring
 Didn't get a chance to prank dinner, so saving those ideas for next year. I hope you all had some fun today, without hurting anyone's feelings of course. Last year I only pranked breakfast and he was less than thrilled...it still makes me laugh.

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