Friday, April 19, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

It's that time of year. In classrooms all over America parents are hitting the stores and pinterest trying to find just the right way to say "Thanks!" to all the hard-working, under-paid, exhausted teachers that care for our babies day in and day out. I scrambled this year as I am battling a head cold while trying to pack for our impending vacation. The next thing on everyone's mind is budget, with multiple kids and classrooms and teachers it can all add up pretty quick. This is what sends all of us thrifty moms to pinterest to cutify our small gestures into reflecting our big hearts without breaking the bank.

Forget me not 

A beautiful bouquet full of teacher's favorite goodies for under $10

  • Decorated cups($0.65)
  • Starbucks Via ($0.95) or Arizona tea packets ($0.20), 2 each
  • Sharpie pens ($.42), 2 each
  • Candy ($0.68)
  • Mesh Sponge ($1.00)
  • Travel size Purell ($1.50)
  • Travel Size hand lotion ($0.97)
  • Forget me not seeds ($1.79)
  • Tissue paper - $0.09
  • Cello bags - $0.28
  • Green painter's tape - $0.04

Total per teacher = $9.74

Directions :
  1. For the stem - take 2 sharpies and tape them together with the painter's tape
  2. For the flower - tape a mesh sponge to the top of the pens
  3. Place a piece of tissue paper in the cup for leaves
  4. Add in the goodies - purell, lotion, candy, drink mixes, flower seeds, and the marker flower
  5. Wrap in large cello bags and add a card signed by your child. 
    • Ours said " I know that I can sometimes be a handful. Thanks for all you do to help me grow!"
We love our teachers. They are so kind and gentle and most of all patient with our mischievous monkeys.  They work hard entertaining and teaching our little ones. So give your teachers the pat on the back they deserve for giving their all every day.

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