Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter !

I should have had this up Sunday but better late than never right? So we riled the kids up by watching The Guardians the week before. The went on multiple egg hunts and talked to EB at one of them so he'd know what they want in their baskets. Green monkey choked and forgot one of the things he wanted, and had "A Christmas Story" level meltdown as we left the park. So I had him write a note and leave it on the door. He was so excited to see it missing the next morning.

Easter Eve is finally here. They dyed their eggs first thing in the morning...8am...not kidding. We used the Dudley's specked egg kit and while initially they loved the sponges they eventually switched to brushes, and even dry they were sticky, I recommend this only for older kids or adults. Of course to us they are works of art :)

The monkeys put their empty baskets on the coffee table and go to bed to await a visit from their favorite hare. Come morning they follow the cotton trail from their bedrooms through the house to find a couple goodies in their baskets. He even left a note.

Cotton balls A.K.A bunny trail

 Each got a video game and a mini lego character, and a small toy Green got silly string, and Blue got Hero factory. But the trail continues...

EB ate some carrots, hiding is hard work and he gets hungry, but not enough to finish them all he left evidence. He also made a centerpiece of grass, and candy, so Blue decided to fuel up for the hunt.

This took a good hour. They took breaks to play legos, video games, and are just slow egg finders :) They even played games instead of opening the eggs, that took all day. Seriously some are still not open yet. Not at all how I remember Easter as a kid we tore through the house collecting eggs, then opened all of them and started making deals to trade the goods :)

Breakfast - After the hunt of course. I made Bunny cinnamon rolls and set out their dyed eggs. We don't hide those, because one lost egg and months later your house will reek. The plastic eggs are filled with candy or money ($0.25 per egg)

Dinner - We don't actually have a traditional meal yet, so this year I made crock pot roast with green beans, baby gold potatoes, and mushrooms. I only had a grainy cell phone pic so I'll skip that and move on to dessert.

Dessert was much more fun. Other than Cadbury eggs my favorite Easter candy is Peeps, proably guessed that by our lunches and peep experiments already. So I used Valentine's confetti cake mix and added sugar free banana pudding then followed the box directions. I used a loaf pan and made cupcakes out of the extra batter. Once cooled I froze them before carving. Once carved using a cupcake for the head and the main loaf as the body I attacked the head and tail with tooth picks and marshmallow fluff...which made me think huh that would make a great crumb coat and would help it taste like a Peep! So I covered it head to toe in fluff and froze it again. Once firm then I frosted it with just canned strawberry and cream frosting. Sprinkled pink sprinkles all over, and added 2 mini chocolate chips for eyes.  Circled him with some little Peep friends and Voila! This holiday all diets were off :)

I hope you and yours had a fantastic Easter weekend no matter what or how you celebrate.

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