Friday, October 12, 2012

October 9-11 Lunches and Room mom craft

Monday was a holiday, so no school lunches. I did however do a craft for his classroom his teacher found on Pinterest and brought it in during parent teacher conferences. Getting touchy with numbers from Rhyme Time Using cardstock, sentence strips, sandwich bags, washable finger paints, glitter, tape and glue we made 2 sets so that the class of 20 kids could each work on 1 number then rotate. The monkeys loved helping me make them and it was quick and easy. Each card has a little poem and a number to trace, the bags are attached behind the card so you can flip between reading and tracing. The poems came from Little Giraffes teaching ideas. They are good for any age preschool through Kindergarten for learning how to write numbers.

Tuesday - Back to school and the Halloween spirit has struck our house. Little blue monkey requested pumpkins so I made him a Jack-O-lunch with PB&J, clementine, and salad with cheese. Big green monkey wanted a skull so he also got PB&J, babybel cheese, cantaloup and salad.

Wednesday - Green monkey really liked his brother's lunch yesterday so he requested a jack-o-lunch. PB&J again, a babybel cheese, and vampire strawberry. he didn't want any vegetables and picked strawberry as a fruit so it didn't really lend itself to the pumpkin theme so I punted ;) The eyes are the candy eyes from wilton and the fangs are a jelly bean cut in half and then cut into a wedge.

Thursday - Both monkeys chose ghosts for their lunch so we made some boo-ti-ful lunches. Green monkey got a turkey and swiss ghost sandwich, ghost cucumbers, and boo apples. Blue monkey got the same but his is Munster cheese. I also learned a valuable lesson less is more. I started with the little cucmber ghosts and tried to get too much detail and it came out kind of hard to make out what they were, so less cuts on the big kid's lunch and I think it looked better.

 Friday - Family picnic at school day :) We like to eat lunch with him on Fridays if he gets green days (good behavior) and he gets to buy his lunch. Today Daddy took the day off so we all get to hang out. Should be lots of fun.


  1. Hi Eileen,

    I found you via the TGIF Linky Party! Your bento lunches are fantastic! And it looks like you are new to bento-ing. Great job! I run a weekly meme at Bento Blog Network and I'd love you to participate. The upcoming themes are listed on the sidebar. I'm following you now!

    Diana Rambles
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  2. Thanks! I'd love to join in the fun :). yes this is our first year doing bento lunches it has been so much fun, and a big learning curve for me. I'm following you back.

  3. I love your vampire strawberry!