Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Minecraft meets Legos

Ok so Monday back to school kicked off with my son's favorite game Minecraft, it's not surprising that he wanted more Minecraft characters for today's lunch. Some say obsessed, we'll go with passionate :) I also got our Back to School supplies from All Things For Sale in the mail yesterday so we celebrated our very 1st Blogiversary with our 1st Giveaway, you have one week to enter and win 53 pieces of flair.

Minecraft Villains
In this lunch :
  • Spider holding swiss cheese
  • Skeleton - Swiss cheese on peanut butter and honey sandwich
  • Zombie - Carrot sticks, grapes, fruit leather
  • Steve (ok not a villain but a requested dessert) Caramel rice crispy treat with Nutella and candy eyes
Green monkey was so excited to see this bento box come in the mail yesterday, he had no idea I ordered it. We also found Minecraft legos at Legoland during our summer road trip, he was so excited to meld his 2 loves, and wants more sets.


  1. Jack has that Minecraft Lego set too - it's so tiny!
    Nice bento!

    1. Thanks! It sure is they need to make more sets, not that we don't have a ton of other legos he could use to build a world but still...you know they want the characters and whatnot.

  2. So, I don't play minecraft or anything, but LOVE that skeleton! So fun!

    1. Thanks! Super easy since minecraft is all pixel type characters. It would work for Halloween even without the game reference.