Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year! + 1 week

I know it's already the second week of 2013 but we were on break last week so it's our first week back to school...and back to bento! Gotta admit I missed coming up with themes, but enjoyed our snacking, sleeping, relaxing lifestyle. None of us missed getting up at they aren't the finest lunches ever made but we'll get back in the swing of things eventually.

I did make lunches for our one outing to Austin Children's Museum. A bit slapdash as I was planning on going out to eat, but our friend was packing lunch so I whipped these up just before we left. The jelly got messy and spilled out of the Texas star and I smeared a snowball during packing, but still better than a lunchable ;)

Monday - The Incredible Hulk - PB&J with white American cheese face, peanut butter celery being crushed by his big grape hands with cheese fingernails. While awaiting our samples I bought some Very berry chobani champions to see if my kids will eat yogurt yet, and froze it into popsicles. He was so excited to get to have froyo in his lunch, but was sad when it had melted by lunch time despite it being a cold day, insulated lunch bag, with an icepack. Since it wasn't "cute" anymore he wouldn't eat it but he did lick the lid and liked it so when he got home he ate 2 more popsicles.

Tuesday - Green Monkey's Thor - White cheddar that rejected my Americolor markers (Boo), on top of jelly toast, Thor's hammers cheese sticks on pretzels, strawberries and PB celery. Brand new pack of markers so it may have been the wax paper or too many details which let the ink dry too much before transferring, or the kind of cheese, who knows, kid ate it :)

Blue Monkey's Loki - Also not great marker transfer onto cheddar, on top of PB&J sandwich, Scepter cheese and pretzels, strawberries and carrots. 

Wednesday - Happy New Year! 2013 cheese and crackers, moon and star jelly toast, Baby new year cocktail weenies in crescent rolls, carrot arms, and babybel head, and 12 grapes for good luck.

Thursday - Green Monkey's Off and running - Jelly sandwich feet with ham and cheese on top, PB celery hurdles, and strawberry hearts. 

Blue monkey's Where are my mittens? His class was playing with winter clothes, reading a book about mittens, and making a mitten craft today so I made him PB mittens with jelly accents, strawberry and carrot hearts. 

It was not easy getting up early again, without travel we were spoiled with sleeping in. Hopefully next week will run a bit smoother. I hesitated posting the failed lunches and then came to the realization that they are still healthy,  my kids ate them, and its ok to fail because at least I tried and they love me for it.

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