Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mickey and Minnie Morning

We have had a fun filled Labor Day weekend so far. Yesterday we added a new little friend to our family, Steve the Guinea Pig. The monkeys are so in love with him it's been a full time job restricting their affections. We survived our first week of school, and are enjoying the 3 day weekend to recover. All those cute rodents in the store yesterday must have stayed in my subconscious because when I went to make breakfast this morning I was drawn to Mickey and Minnie.

Immaculate Baking sent me their new Cinnamon Rolls through their Immaculate Baking Program hoping that we would try them. The rest of this review is unbiased, the opinions and  recipes are of my own creation.

So the thing that attracted me to their products is that they are Non-GMO, no artificial ingredients, no bleached flour, no hydrogenated oil, a health breakfast treat. Who can resist the smell of cinnamon rolls baking? Answer: No one! So please forgive the rushed pictures but once I popped that can the family swarmed the kitchen. It took only a couple of minutes to create my Mickey Mouse cinnamon rolls. I unrolled the 1st ring and cut it in half, then rolled each half into a circle and pressed firmly to the larger roll.

While these delicious Mickey's were cooking I made the scrambled eggs and cleaned and cut the strawberries. The whole breakfast was done and served within 20 minutes.

Here they are fresh from the oven before I glazed them with the icing included in the can. Once Mickey was dressed he needed his girlfriend Minnie of course. Minnie was made by scooping the scrambled eggs into the plastic cup that held the icing, which was packaged in a separate pouch so the container was clean. One strawberry cut in half became her bow. Simple, fast, adorable..if I do say so myself.

Everyone devoured their breakfasts. The cinnamon rolls were gobbled up before anything else on their plates. It was nice to have all 4 of use at the breakfast table together and these did the trick.

If you'd like to find out more about Immaculate baking or purchase this or any of their other products here is more information on them.

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